Thursday, September 16, 2010


-They drive on the other side of the road and are super crazy. Most people bribe the officials so they don't have to take the driver's test. So there are really bad drivers, they are all in a hurry. Most are tiny vehicles.
-They also have many of the people who don't have much money drive motorcycles, and they will have 4-5 people on just a tiny motorcycle. It will sometimes be a small child up front, the Dad, and child in the middle, the mom and a child on the end. None of the are wearing helmets usually, and they drive down the center of traffic or on the sides.
-People don't really obey traffic stop signs and cut across traffic all crazy to get to where they want to go sometimes driving in the oncoming lanes. They are really bad about using blinkers. People are bad about letting others out of parking spaces. They are impatient to wait or they want your space but they don't give you enough room. Sometimes even cars drive down the middle between the two lanes until they decide where they are going and what lane they need to be in. Sometimes people have to drive the wrong way in a parking lot to get to where they need to go to park or get out of the lot.
-People pay no heed to pedestrians trying to cross the road. They do not have walk lights or cross walks for pedestrians, and they also do not have the right of way.
-They race cars every night up and down the streets on the main street one house down from where I live. It does not matter what time of night or what day of the week.
-They have speed bumps in all of the neighborhoods. People will drive really slowly over the speed bumps, but drive really fast in between them.
-In neighborhoods it appears that it is ok to drive down the middle or wrong side of the road if you feel like it.
-They did not create roads wide enough to have cars parked on the side of the roads. Sometimes it can get pretty close when trying to pass and having vehicles on the side of the road.
-They have lots of alleys in neighborhoods that people use to drive down. It is first come first person gets to go since there is only room for one car at a time.
-I can see why they don't have a bus system. The school bus sometimes has a challenging time with the alleys, foliage, cars parked on the side of the roads and vehicles going the other direction.
-People just pull out into traffic or change lanes and hopes the other people don't hit them. There are lots of close calls.
-They do have companies like Ford, Toyota, Mercedes, BMW, Nissan, etc. Plus cars I am not familiar with.
- Most people drive little cars, a few small vans or SUVs (they look kind of like SUVs but they may not be). There are no huge trucks, vans, or SUVs.
-There are some roads where it is a normal road and then when they built the house they built out onto the road, so the road becomes an alley between it and the house next to it.
- I have never seen any speed limit signs.
-I have not seen emergency vehicles when they are out to see if people pull over for them. I have heard them though and they have some sort of bullhorn system where they talk to people that they are pursuing or maybe who are in their way. I can't quit understand what they are saying (it does sound like they speak English sometimes).
-When driving a motorcycle one can park almost anywhere. Even places that cars can't park or in between cars.
- They have these apartment buildings that are raised and have a concrete pad underneath for motorcycles to park on. Cars have to park out in the parking lot.
-They have all sorts of stickers on their windshields on the sides. I don't know what they all stand for. Lots of people have a huge McDonald's sticker. It says VIP on it and McDonald's drive thru open 24 hours.
-It is dangerous to walk down the side of the road since they have no sidewalks. Lots of times if there is a motorcycle driving and a car comes up and decides the motorcycle is not going fast enough the motorcycle will pull over so the car can keep going. Plus, then there are the cars parked on the side of the road that one must go around, and there one can pick the trench side or the road side. The trenches are actually pretty wide and the walls of them are kind of narrow to walk on.
-Since the gutters are more like trenches and have walls that sit up above the street, water on the street does not flow into them. Only water from the sky or some places have pipes that drain water into it. So when it rains the water just seems to sit on the street unless there are places where there is just a ditch and no trench.

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