Tuesday, September 14, 2010

School Clothing

I have had several people ask me what do I wear to school and what do my students wear to school. I wear my normal teaching clothes that I wore back in the US. I wear slacks, capri's and tops. I don't wear jeans here only because they would be too heavy and hot. I could probably wear t-shirts but I like to be more dressed up than that. I have to make sure my shoulders are covered, so I cannot wear any sleeveless tops unless I wear a top or jacket over it. I must also wear a tank top/cami under my v neck tops so I don't show any cleavage. Although, that is not really new. I did get some new tank tops that come up higher, just to be on the safe side. They said the dress code for teachers is very casual, but I still try to dress nice and be respectful. I am sure I could wear shorts as long as they were not super short, but I don't, because I feel it would be disrespectful since they try to be very modest.

My students wear uniforms. The top is a white shirt with the ISK logo on the upper left chest. Muslim girls wear either tops under it or these sleeve things, so that their arms do not show. They also wear a tudung on their head. Some of the less conservative families do not make their daughters wear the sleeves or tudungs. If a girl is not Muslim she must still pull her hair neatly back out of her face. On the bottom they wear blue. On the bottom Muslim girls and boys must wear long pants or the girls can also wear long skirts. Non-Muslims may wear shorts or the girls may also wear shorter skirts but it still must be about knee length.
The boys must not have long hair or facial hair.
They are not allowed to wear sandals. Only closed toed shoes.
I also noticed one boy the other day tried to wear his pants baggy, but he must have gotten in trouble for that, because they were back to normal later in the day and since then.

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