Monday, September 13, 2010

The Kuantan Guide

My Mom actually discovered this and sent it to me. It is a website for people living or visiting Kuantan or the east cost of peninsular Malaysia. I had to join as a member to access things like the discussion board and newsletters and things. I think it will be helpful in some ways. It has taxis listed, doctors, hair places, massage places, phone, rentals, classifieds to sell things. I think it will be helpful when I go to move back home and need to sell my things like fridge. One of the posts was on this great massage place that does Swedish massage and is in my neighborhood. I will still have to figure out where in relationship it is to me.
They might also be able to recommend at place that cuts curly hair since almost all people who live here have straight hair.
For my birthday I went to this restaurant at the Tembeling resort. When I bought my fridge the guy assumed he was going to be delivering it there. I guess most white foreigners live there. It appears by what the members of this website have posted that most do live at this resort. Sounds like they do activities together there. There is a Kuantan ladies group I can join but their meetings they have every other week at breakfast and other other weeks at lunch. I am not available either of those times.
I noticed most of the people that have joined the site have moved here for work and they have either come from England or Australia. About half are people my age but they are couples with small children. The rest are couples closer to my parents age. It appears most have not lived here that long that are current members. I think most come for a limited period of time and then move back home or to a new country.
There was some post that the person who started the site was going to close it down, but it looks like many people responded that they really did want the site to close because it has been so helpful to them. It looks like some other people are trying to get more involved in trying to help out with more of the social aspects. People that have been here longer.
Maybe still I might meet some people and get to do some things to keep me from getting bored and lonely.

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