Friday, September 17, 2010

First Hair cut in Malaysia

This was definitely interesting. I went in earlier this week to make and appointment and the lady who scheduled me asked if I wanted anyone. I said someone who has experience with curly hair. She scheduled me with Angel. Angel's card says that she is the salon manager. (Most of the people there look like they are Chinese. Although the part of the neighborhood I am in seems to be mostly Chinese people.)

When I got there today Angel had me sit in a chair in front of a full length mirror. She brought over a several tiered cart that had all of her things in it. First, she asked me what I wanted done, and I said a haircut. I wanted the back trimmed up so it was a bob, and the sides left longer so I can pull my hair back. (I have decided living in a hot climate pulling the hair back when doing things like grocery shopping or walking is necessary.) She asked me if I had permed my hair. I told her it was natural. She asked, it's natural?  I said yes. She said since my sides by my ears were kind of straight she thought I had just permed the top of my hair. (It does not happen all the time, but sometimes as my hair grows out the sides by my ears will be more straight and just have a slight curl at the bottom to it. I think my hair's curliness depends on what is going on with my body in terms of hormones and stress. Sometimes the sides will be very curly. ) I said no, it was natural.

She asked me if I wanted my hair highlighted, and I said not today. She said she can do highlights like I have no problem. She told me if I come back again sometime she can do it for me. I told her that I would be here for a while because I was working at the International School of Kuantan. She nodded her head like she had figured that. She said that she had another teacher from that school who came all the time. (I figure it was probably the English teacher who moved on.) She asked where I heard about her, and I said that I lived just across the street. (My hair is more of a weave than a highlight. It has several different colors in it, but only the light blond is what is still most noticeable besides my normal hair color. The brown has faded and looks close to my natural dark blond. The reddish brown is still there, but for a person looking quickly at my hair they won't notice that as much as the light blond. I will wait and see how I like my hair being done there before I decide if I want to add color to it. Maybe I will let it grow out and be all natural. I haven't done that in a long time.)

She asked me if I had just washed my hair, and I said I washed it this morning. She first shaved my neck a bit. After that she took a squirt bottle and wet the bottom part of my hair and trimmed that up so it was shorter again. Then she wet and trimmed the back of my hair. Next, she wet the rest of my hair and trimmed the sides. After that, she wet my bangs and asked me how I wanted them cut. She wanted to know if I wanted them cut short or just a little bit. I told her just a little bit. She asked me about parting my hair. I told her to part them down the middle because that would make them even since some days they go to the left and some days to the right. Instead she combed my bangs forward and cut them straight out in front. Then she brought them up from my head and cut them again. After that she brushed them over to the left again and checked to make sure my hair was even.

When she was all done she asked me if I wanted a rinse. I told her that was OK. She then asked me about blow drying my hair, and I said I let it air dry. (I figured I would wash it when I got home and fix it.) So, she put new product in my hair. I thought I was done, then she calls this girl over to blow dry my hair. She put this huge diffuser on the blow dryer (I have never seen a diffuser that big). Angel disappears for few minutes. This girl is drying my hair with this huge diffuser, but she is not actually putting the diffuser in my hair. The girl is also not touching my hair. She is just kind of holding the blower dryer kind of moving it around my head while she is checking herself out in the mirror. She was in these high platform shoes. I was afraid she was going to fall over because this diffuser was huge and obviously heavy. She had to keep switching hands because her arms probably got tired. I got really hot and almost told her that it was good enough, plus my hair wasn't getting very dry since she wasn't touching it and separating it, but then I thought no, I will let her finish.  (It has been easy to air dry my hair every morning, but now I definitely know why I should not use a blow dryer here. It is way too hot.)

I don't know what the product is because I didn't ask, but it seems familiar, but something I have not smelled in a long time. Some time when I go back I might by product from them. I don't know if either of these were for curly hair (probably not) or just hair.  Maybe they can get product for curly hair though. She seemed to use the scissors that are for thinning out hair, so it does not get Afro like. Some people who have cut my hair use those and others do not but then they use a different technique to achieve the same thing.

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  1. Well, that was one wild experience...your hair looks fabulous even though it didn't sound a whole lot different than here...I laughed out loud about the girl checking herself out in the mirror with those platform shoes...can't wait to hear the next story.