Monday, September 13, 2010

Mystery Solved

So, I hear this doorbell quite frequently but I usually don't here anyone enter the house. I finally figured out that it is not a doorbell but a call button. There is an old lady that lives here, the owner's mom. She is probably in her 90's and can walk but needs assistance and sometimes uses a wheelchair. Anyway when she is in her room and needs assistance then she presses the call button which dings like a doorbell, and one of the two servants comes to help her.
I also heard what I would consider to be a dinner bell (like I have seen in movies when the woman is calling in all the men for dinner out on a ranch). Anyway I thought when the bell was rung that meant it was time for dinner and was to signal whichever servant was not working on dinner and the owner that it was time to come to eat. Today when I was down to eat I heard that bell and looked over. It was the old lady ringing it while she was in the living room because she was done reading the newspaper and was ready to go to her room. The servant came from the kitchen to assist her. It makes more sense than trying to call either of the servants' names. It is loud which makes sense since it is a large house, but at the same time I can hear it up in my room on the other side of the house on the top floor. Maybe in time I will learn to tune it out.
I try to stay out of their way in the kitchen around mealtimes and eat at other times so not to be in the way. I was going by the ringing of the dinner bell, but I guess now I will revise that and maybe just have to learn when they eat, so I am not in the way. Maybe I can eat earlier since sometimes I thought that mealtime was over and then I would hear the bell and think that they were being called to come eat.

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  1. Okay, that was interesting to read about but all made sense in the end...I hope you get more to eat now that cereal or salad. I made chicken enchiladas Fred has lunch for tomorrow. We are having issues with our old shed...Fred built a new door exactly like the old one and the new one won't is just a hair off so the hinges won't fit...frustrating. It has been beautiful here...just the right temps. and only slight wind the last few days...loving it. We started evening lib. this week so Patty worked tonight and I will work Tues. and Thurs. She is taking a class so we have already revised our schedule we just set last doesn't really matter to me as I have no plans most days. Well, have some sympathy cards to write so better get at those...never find the right words:(