Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Bingo Night

I got invited to Bingo Night that the International Elementary school was hosting. They were taking the money and using half for the prize money and the other half to give to the handicap center. It was again held at the restaurant Croc Rock. With our ticket we got a pizza to share between four people and a juice. This time I was put with a group of people I didn't know since everyone else I knew was already paired up in groups. The people at my table just ordered the pepperoni pizza which was fine, but since they have more exotic pizzas I would have liked to try something else. We played several rounds of Bingo. Each round the cards were RM2.00 a piece. The last round each card was RM5.00. We had to play blackout for each round, so each round took a long time and at the end we cut out one of the rounds. It was an ok evening but we decided that we all liked the Quiz night much better. Maybe if they had different requirements each round for filling up the card and the rounds hadn't taken so long it would have been better. It was an enjoyable night overall.