Sunday, June 17, 2012


So, there has been a house being built across the street from where I stay since last February so 16 months. They are going very slow. There is another house being built across another street and they started later and are already done. They now have the frame up and are bricking; I am assuming the bricks are going between the walls. Anyway when I have seen others houses in the process of being built I notice guys living at those houses even though they aren't done. I thought that they were just trying to save money by staying at their own house while being built. Then I noticed that at least one guy has started staying at the house across the street and I can tell he is not the owner. Early on when they first started and brought bricks and rocks in I noticed my landlord sent servants over and even went over a couple times to help them carry back bricks and rocks to use in his own yard. Once things got a little further the guy put up the wall and a locked gate. Recently there has been a dog and two puppies there that I think they are working on training to use as guard dogs. Last week, however, I noticed this guy there. He was there one morning as he came out of the gate in the male version of a sarong. It was raining and the water and risen in the sewer. He took a look to see how high it was and then went back in the yard. I saw him walk into the still open house and was loosening his sarong. I was a little worried that he was going to take it off. I don't know if he knew I could still see him or not, but I looked away. The next morning when I was getting ready I looked out the window to see if my ride had come. I saw the same guy come out of the gate and hop down in the sewer and go under the cement driveway part. I was really hoping that he was using it as a toilet and not a shower. He came up between 5-10 minutes later. I guess it is a common practice when houses are being built that some of the workers will build this tiny hut things and stay at the house. Very different from the US, at least where I am from. I noticed that they have a line hanging up and the clothes are hung over the line. I don't know if they bring in water or how they wash their clothes and bathe. I don't even know what they do for food as I don't think there would be refrigeration there at this stage of the building. I don't know if the workers who have homes or stay elsewhere bring them food as it does not appear that the guy leaves. I would think that would be a hard way to live and not very comfortable at all. It makes me wonder if people like that have houses or they just travel around from house to house working and have no homes or families.