Monday, April 25, 2011

Cultural Exchange Day

March 30th we had a cultural exchange day with a local school MRSM. We saw performances of Joget dancing, which is performed by ladies for the Sultan. Poem recitation- they have a conversations through the use of a poem or poems. I don’t remember their name for it. It was all in Malay so I didn’t understand any of it, but the concept was interesting. Then we watched a play that took us through the process of engagement, approval, getting the license, wedding ceremony, and reception at both parents’ houses. After that was the Dikir barat, which is all men. They have a group that plays instruments and others that do chanting and movements to go with the chanting. Then, there was a Walinung Mayang Sarai dance performed by another group of ladies. Following that was an example of Silat, which is a traditional form of self-defense.

Last, Gamelan, which is an old form of musical instruments, and they played songs on them. We saw a slide show with information of all the traditional houses for each state in Malaysia. We also saw a slide show and had some models of traditional clothing. After they did their portion then we had some of the songs we did for Performance Day. We had the top two students from South East Asian Forensics tournament do their pieces. One was an original oratory and the other was oral interpretation. Then we had our student who composed his own song do his piano solo. I did not realize when he did it at Performance Day that he composed it himself. It is a beautiful piece.

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