Monday, March 7, 2011

Anticipated Reverse Culture Shock

As I am settling in more and more sometimes I think about the things that I will have to get used to when I return to America.
-having a car that I can drive and not waiting for rides from others or using a cab
-being able to go wherever I want when I want
-being able to go out of town for the weekend
-being to cook whenever and whatever I want
-being able to go to all the restaurants I miss and have all the food I miss
-being able to have people over whenever I want
-not having to be so quiet I am almost invisible
-doing laundry in my own machines whenever I want
-working with people who only speak English and not being excluded from conversations
-not hot weather all the time
-wearing clothes for cold weather
-having all my belongings back
-watching movies whenever I want

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