Sunday, February 20, 2011

My Christmas Break Continued

December 24th- Christmas Eve. During the day I talked to my Dad and brother on skype since they were not able to come at this time to visit me. Then I just relaxed and had some alone time. I went over for Christmas Eve dinner where my Mom was staying. Then we watched a movie. Christmas Day my Mom and I and another lady went to church for their Christmas Day service. It was a mostly Chinese congregation, so we really stuck out. We had to fill out these cards and then they introduced us and other guests towards the end of the service. The people there were really friendly and we got invited to the potluck Christmas dinner after the service. We would have like to have stayed but our ride was ready to go. Later that evening we had a Christmas dinner that did have turkey, potatoes, my Butterscotch Apple treat (with vanilla instead of butterscotch). We watched a movie after that. It was an ok day. It didn't feel at all like Christmas with none of our traditions or decorations or presents or really celebrating His birth, but oh well. The following day we went out for Thosai for breakfast and then to a Kenduri we had been invited to attend. That evening we went for a walk out on the beach and actually out where the water is supposed to be, but it was really, really far out. I got lots of seashells. On our way back we stopped at the night market and looked around.
On Monday Dec. 27th we went to several places that day that we had been wanting to go. First, we went to Adina Batik shop. It is a place where a person can see batik made and can buy material to have something made. They have a few men's shirts and a few caftan's, but it is mostly bolts of material. I bought a bolt of batik silk to have made into a baju kurung. Then we went to the Tanun factory where they weave fabric. It has a factory part where we could watch women weaving the fabric. They use real gold, copper, silver, and bronze thread in their weavings. They also have a showroom, and a gift shop. I got some material there with silver in it and I don't know what I am going to do with it yet. Then we went to the Batik village. I got some things there and a gift for my Mom to take back to a friend. After that we headed out to the Swiss Garden hotel to stay for a few days. It was a nice and relaxing time. We had good food, we relaxed, watched some movies on the tv, visited with each other. It started really raining so we didn't do any swimming, but that is ok. One of the days we met up with some of my friends and they took us around and showed us some things. We went to this one food stall and tried Thosai Tisu, which I decided I really like. We went and looked at the outside of a Hindu temple. Then we drove to the local Mosque so that we could get a better look at it, just on the outside. One of the nights we were out there my friends came out and we ate at The Blossom Chinese restaurant. The food was awesome. One of the days we got a pedicure at the spa located at the hotel. It was my first pedicure. Mom said it was not the best she had ever had, so in the future I probably won't go there again. Another day we went into town and went to the Mall. We went and saw The Tourist with Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp. I really liked the movie.  On the 31st we went back to where my Mom had been previously staying and helped them get ready for their open house the next day. We helped with all the gift baskets for the children. On January 1st Mom and I and my friends went to the house of the Director of Studies at my school for a house warming party at his family's new home. After that we went to a lady's house for a quick visit who my friends knew. Then we went back to where my Mom was staying for that open house. There was lots of people that came. It was nice to have my Mom here for awhile, so she could see where I am living and working and meet some of the people that I am getting to know and to see that I am pretty happy here.

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