Monday, April 25, 2011

Quiz Night

February 25th I was invited to the International Elementary school’s fundraiser, which was a quiz night. It was hosted at a local restaurant so we had pizza for dinner. I had not eaten at the restaurant before and I really liked the pizza my group ordered. I hope to go there again some day. I was with three other people in a group. These were people that I knew and have done things with before. We called ourselves the Nameless Wonders because we couldn't think of a good group name. There was several different rounds: Famous Faces, Where in the World, Music, Sports, Pictures of Kuantan, and Potluck (various). Each team had a joker card and we could use it for one round to double our points. You had to turn it in before the round started. We waited and use the joker card on the last round. After each round they announced the winners for the previous round. It was the same three teams every time. When we got to the end they announced the 3rd and 2nd place, which were the same two teams as before. They announced my team as the winners and I thought it was a joke and then I realized they were serious. We also won by several more points than the team in second place. So, we went up and each got a medal and a large box of Ferrero Rocher. I was pretty excited. I have never won a medal before. It was a fun night.

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