Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Trip

So, I am not going to blog about my whole flying experience because I think it is not too exciting and will bore people. The only I really want to say though is that my maternal grandparents are awesome. I left from the Rapid City airport. Mom and Dad took me over, and we were standing in the check in line. I had to check in at this computer thing before actual check in. Mom said something like "Hey you, what are you doing here?" I kind of glanced over my shoulder and saw this guy that looked like my grandpa standing there. Then I actually turned around and was like Grandpa what are you doing here? They live in Minnesota which is like 13 hours away. I was trying to figure out if he flew down or what. Then he points over to the couches and there is my grandma. That's when I started crying. After I got checked in. I had about 1 hour to visit with them. It was so nice. I had felt bad because I had promised that I was going to visit them this summer before my job situation. I was going to call them that morning before we left home, but ran out of time. I felt bad that I had not seen them or called them before I was going to leave. I was afraid that if my grandma died while I was in Malaysia that I would just feel horribly guilty. So in the end, it all worked out because they came to see me off. How lucky am I?

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  1. Oh my gosh, that made me cry when I read about your grandparents being there to see you off! Fred and I rented The Bounty Hunter on dishnetwork so we are watching that for the 2nd time. We have some guys upstairs working on our bathroom putting in the new shower surround. Will be glad when that's done. Glad to hear you are so adventurous in trying new foods...not sure I'd be that doesn't surprise me though as you always are open to "new." I need to get well in a hurry...hope these meds help by tomorrow.