Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Getting to know the school

The schedule here is quite interesting and confusing right now. They have an 8 period day, but periods 1 &2, 3 & 4, and 6 & 7 are block periods. Periods 5 and 8 are single periods. They also do not have the classes the same time everyday. Like Monday I have English 9-10 during 6 & 7 block; on Wednesday during 3 &4 block and Fridays just 4th hour. Fridays is a short day. Only 1 &2 are a block and then 3,4,and 5 are all single periods. Mondays there is early release because the teachers have a meeting every Monday at 2:30. I got to participate in the meeting on Monday and got the meet the other staff members. I am teaching AP English, 2 Middle school English classes 6-8, 9-10 English and Middle School 6-8 World History. Our schedule goes form 8:10-3:00. We have a ten minute break after the first block and a 5 minute homeroom after 5th hour and then a 45 minute lunch. They do not have a cafeteria at the school so everyday they bring in lunch. They rotate between a couple restaurants that are close by. Tuesdays is fast food, so this Tuesday when I was there working I had McDonald's. The last period on Tuesday is Advising. On Thursday I currently only teach two classes and have 3 planning periods. That might change at semester time if I have students who want to do independent study with me. All the other days I have just one planning period. They have outgrown their current space and hope to build a new school in the near future. So currently we rotate classrooms depending on the availability of rooms and the class size.
We offer several classes. We have English, Math, PE, health, ESL, Malay, Mandarin, Malaysian History, Music, Art, Psychology, Science, Western Cultures, Physical Science, World History, Chemistry, World Geography, Islamic Studies, Moral Studies and Advising.
We have lots of holidays throughout the school year. They try to go closely to a American school calendar but they start August 9th and go through June 17th. There is 13 school days ( not including weekends) for Christmas. There is also 7 school days (not including weekends) for Spring break.
Besides me there are 6 other teachers. The Director of Studies (which is what we would call the Principal) also teaches some classes. There are 50 students. There is two secretaries, the owner, the driver (for the bus and to run errands), and the housekeeper.


  1. Oh, the school schedule sounds very confusing to me but guess with time, you will get used to it...I will never know where you are any given day! HA Textbook checkout is over, now tomorrow and Friday are make-up days and teacher checkouts of classroom sets. What books have you read on your Kindle? I have started the Janet Evanovich series...pretty funny! I am exhausted so heading off to anxious to have a bit of rest this weekend.

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU...HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU...HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR MELANIE...HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!!!!!!!!! What are you doing for your birthday???? I went to the Dr. today amongst all the tb chaos and I have a severe bladder infection so am getting ready to eat supper, take some meds and relax...tough few days.

  3. I am glad textbook check out is over. So far, I have read The Relic and Reliquary by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child on my kindle. I have read them before and really like them. I am starting to read the novels I have to chose from to use with my students. There are many I have not read before.
    Thank you for the birthday wishes. Well, so far I have gone out to breakfast at the same restaurant as last Saturday and had Tosai again, but I love it. Dropped my most of my stuff off at the room I am renting but I will not move in until Wednesday and will unpack then, and been checking Facebook. We are going out to dinner tonight. It is kind of a surprise, so I have not heard many details.
    I will write about that after we go. I am sorry to hear you have a bladder infection. I remember that one you has last year. Remember to drink lots of straight cranberry juice.