Sunday, August 22, 2010

2nd Day- What amazing sights

This afternoon we went to TC-Teluk Chempedak. As we drove there we went by the Sultan’s second home with a helicopter pad, his grandma’s house, and the governor’s house, and the Sultan’s oldest son’s house. We also went by the royal golf course. This is along the beach. There is a McDonald’s and other vendors set up along the beach. We ate at the McDonald’s and then took a walk on the bridge that goes right along the edge. There are places along the bridge where a person can go up into the jungle on the hill. We saw monkeys along the bridge. Some were sitting on the railing of the bridge. There is litter down below the bridge, so the monkeys would carry pop cans up into the trees. There is also wild boar farther up in the jungle, but we did not see any. There were all sort of interesting trees and plants. We saw a cat with no tail taking a nap among the rocks below us on the sand in between the rocks. We also saw a lizard carrying a fish across a rock. Normally this place is very crowded on the weekends, but since it is Ramadan (the fasting month) not many people were there. Then we went back to the parking lot and walked across it to go to a shop that sells postcards.
After that we went to the bungalow were I decide I am going to rent a room. Luckily, he agreed to a medium size fridge.
Tonight we went out to dinner at Restran Khalsa Baru and we ate roti naan ayam, tandoori- non-bread with sauces chicken curry, dahl, mint, and tandoori chicken. This is also an Indian restaurant so it was similar to what we have the other morning for breakfast. Instead of a crepe like food it was more like a flat bread. Again we ate with our fingers, and washed our hands at the end. With the chicken they just chop it up and don’t pay attention to bones, so one must be very careful when eating the chicken not to eat a bone.

After dinner we walked down to another shop, and I had a Nestle ice cream cone (prepackaged) for dessert. It started pouring rain while we were eating. We were going to go down to the field by the Mosque to take pictures of all the Muslims when it was time for them to break fast for the day (at dusk). They go and buy these snacks and as soon as the call goes out for prayer and to break fast they quickly eat a light snack with water and then go into the Mosque to pray before they go out for a leisure dinner. I got to see the crowds of people the other night on the way from the airport, and it was in incredible sight. It was unbelievable all the people. The traffic was incredible too as people are on their way to the vendors to by their snack foods and go to the field. People can hardly drive anywhere. We were also going to go and check out the night market, but because of the rain non of the people were sitting in the field outside the Mosque and there was not much traffic at the night market. We will have to try another day.


  1. Okay, now I signed in as a follower...maybe it was me all along not knowing what I was doing...hmmmm...imagine that! I will see if you get this one and then I will know that I can post comments

  2. Hope you are having a good nights' rest! Fred went to play basketball at North with Nolan so I am relaxing a bit. It is blistering hot out here today. Have you used your kindle yet? I am so glad you have internet. When will you first visit your school? I think I am addicted to watching for your blogs! The monkeys sound very wondering what tomorrow will bring!

  3. Yes, I got your comments now. I slept well last night but was awake before 6 this morning. I am not sure why, but maybe it is because my body is ready to get back in to the school routine. Yes, I have already finished one book. I am really glad I got a Kindle. I visit the school today. The driver is going to come pick me up at noon to take me to the school. I have been by the school several times. It is not far from where I live but the drivers here are more crazy than in Gillette. I don't know how easy it will be to walk or ride a bike to work, because I would have to cross a very busy main street and walkers and bike riders do not have the right of way.

  4. Oh, wow! Glad you can now read my comments:) Tell me a bit about the school and schedule when you get time! Fred and I went to dinner with his sister and husband tonight so am late looking at your blog:( I believe all the textbooks are now processed thanks to Sasha and Patty helping me today! Well, my Mom is sick with an infection, so also must give her a call before bed! Have a super day:)