Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My 30th

I went to a restaurant for dinner at the Tembeling Resort. The view was gorgeous. I was able to look down at all the verdant landscape, and out to the China Sea. There were monkey that climbed up on the outside of the walls. When they got to close the waitress shooed them away. There were no windows, so I could feel the warm air with a slight cool breeze every once in awhile. I had an appetizer for my meal. It was prawns wrapped in wanton skins that were fried. It was very good. I also had a side of white rice. To drink I had watermelon juice. Afterward I had an chocolate with almond pieces ice cream bar.
My birthday was pretty relaxing. We went out and had breakfast again at the same restaurant as the Saturday before, so I got to have Thosai again. Then I dropped off all my stuff I wouldn't need at my room for the weekend. After that I mostly spent the day catching up on correspondence with people.

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