Friday, October 15, 2010

Silence vs. Noise

I don't mind quiet. But it seems like other than the traffic outside it is always quiet in the house I live in, almost silent. I don't mind that sometimes but it seems like lately it has just been too quiet for me and I just think, think, think. Not that thinking is bad, but sometimes I over think about things. I brought my Ipod, but I left the little speakers at home. I really wish I had brought them because so far I haven't found any in the stores. One store did have this huge speaker system with it, but I didn't want to spend that much for use for a few years, plus I can't be too loud here. I have my headphones of course, but then I can't hear if a servant knocks on the door, or my phone rings (not that it rings much). Plus, then I am kind of attached to the Ipod and have to watch out for the headphone wires. I am trying to be better about playing the few songs that are in my Itunes on my computer. Even as I started typing this I finally realized that yet again I was sitting in silence. (Music is now on) I have been trying to remember to have music on when I wake up in the morning and when I am working or studying after school. It can be very noisy at school because since we share classrooms and rotate then some of the classes in the room where I have a computer are loud, very loud, and so then I do crave quiet so I can get work done. Sometimes I will listen to my Ipod while working during my planning period so I can block out the yelling and screaming. I think this week I am just really missing my friends and family and being able to visit with them. I do e-mail my parents and friends, and there is Facebook, and I have Skyped a few times with my parents, but it is not the same.  I am used to staying after school and visiting with my fellow teachers, but here the other teachers don't really visit with me even when I try to start a conversation. They pretty much keep to themselves. I do visit with the housekeeper and bus driver, but they both speak limited English so the conversations are a struggle ( not that I mind but it takes a long time to get a simple thing across).  This next week is book club. I am really looking forward to as I can talk with other people. It will pretty much be about books, and one lady the last time did most of the talking (it was the first time), hopefully we can all talk more this time. I keep hoping that we can start more planning of doing things. I am a member of the website for ex-pats and have posted things I would like to do if others would like to join me but I have not gotten any responses. Most of the ladies do things together during the day since they stay at home and then in the evenings and weekends they are taking care of their families.

I do listen to the radio on the bus to school and back. It is growing on me. It is always like the same five songs with every once in a great while a different song. In the morning they have their morning show with a GOTCHA call where they trick people over the phone. That has grown on me, and I am finding some of them amusing. Then they have Richard Reed, and his Hollywood Hook-up, so I always have the latest scoop on Hollywood, but that is getting old. I tried listening to my Ipod on the bus a few times but the radio is too loud. Oh well. The music is ok.

I got satellite radio last year, and I really miss having that and being able to pick the music that I was in the mood for, and it had a much bigger selection than I could ever have in my Ipod. 

Since the landlord has been gone this week the servants also have had a radio or something on in their room with the door open in the morning so there is some music/talking in the morning when I am eating my breakfast which is nice.

I didn't have T.V. (cable, dish, etc) back home, but I did have my four favorite tv shows on DVD that I watched over and over again. Sometimes I would turn it on more for sound than actually watching it if I didn't feel like music. I don't have that here, and I miss that.

Update-10/19/10 This last few days there has been a new bird around. It cries all day long and the cry is so annoying. To me I think it sounds like a female moaning when she is having sex. It starts out slow and a low tone and then as it gets faster and faster the the pitch gets higher and higher. Until it gets so high and fast that it is like the bird has an orgasm and then the bird stops for a minute or two and starts all over. This has been going on for the last three days. The last two days when I have been waiting for the bus one of the servants is crying back at it, so then they are two voices moaning.  I am now to the point of I hear the bird start up then I immediately put on my headphones so I can't hear it because I think I would go insane otherwise.  You will probably think I am crazy, but if you heard it you would agree with me.

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