Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Heat and Humidity

I am tired of the heat and humidity. I think if I could get rid of that everything would be perfect here. I am tired of being hot all the time. I am tired of getting super sweaty without having to do much physically. I am tired the humidity and having my clothes stick to me. I wear makeup most days but it is almost pointless since I get sweaty in the morning while eating breakfast and waiting for the bus, so that my face already looks greasy by the time I get to school. Although it looks greasy with no make up too. I was hoping I could do lots of exercising and lose weight, but it is always too hot in the afternoon and evening to do it. I haven't worked out a schedule to do it in the morning before I get ready for school since I am not a morning person. It is cooler then but still humid.  I am not very hungry because of the heat and don't eat as much, but I feel like with the lack of physical activity I am not going to lose much weight. On the other hand this is a tropical climate, and it is what provides the area with all the lush green plants and gorgeous flowers. It is what allows there to be a beach and not a prairie. I was watching the housekeeper at the school the other day. She also takes care of the plants and the grounds. I wondered if she ever gets tired of taking care of the plants everyday. They are all outside and some days it is really hot and humid, and I feel bad for her.  It made me not mind too much that I have had winter where I am from so that the plants and grass die and then I can take a break from taking care of it. I think it makes me appreciate the plants and flowers more. At first I noticed all the different vegetation, but not so much anymore. I still have not seen a Plumeria flower up close though. I see them in the morning when I am riding the bus. There seems to be several different colors. I wish I could have the bus stop at each one so I could take pictures.  I wonder how it will be like at Christmas, if it will even feel like Christmas. I was in the Caribbean islands once for Christmas and as fun as it was it didn't really feel like Christmas with no cold, and snow. Plus, even though the Christmas carols were very cool with the steel drums, they felt different. It will be interesting to see how Christmas is celebrated here with the cultural and religious differences.

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