Tuesday, October 12, 2010

American Food

Ok I will admit that I am now missing American food a little bit. I actually look forwards to McDonald's food every other Tuesday. I mean I like McDonald's, but I was going to always bring my own food on Tuesdays so I wouldn't be eating American food. I am tired of eating chicken and rice everyday. I get the quarter pounder with cheese so I can get beef. I still love Thosai which I have on Saturday mornings before I do laundry, but it is also special since it is only once a week. I have a craving for Pizza Hut pizza. They do have a pizza hut here. I may have to get their phone number and order it one of these days. I also miss Papa Murphy's Pizza, Quizno's, Subway, Dairy Queen. I mean I didn't eat there that often, but when I really have a craving for it now I can't satisfy it.

This is not American food, but it is food. I love chocolate, especially dark chocolate. They have lots of chocolate here. I picked up my best friend's habit of nibbling my chocolate to eat it slowly and savor it. That does not work here because it is too hot and starts melting. So I just have to pop the whole piece in my mouth and let it melt without chewing. M&M's also melt in my hands. Even when they are in the bag they start to get soft. The same is true for Oreo's. I had some that I had opened, and I had them in a plastic bag in a tupperware to keep the ants away. When I took them out and ate some more the cookie kind of fell apart because the frosting was so soft.


  1. You are right...we take for granted what we have each day and then when we don't have it, we crave it. I am having mac n cheese with Fred's spicy beans in it...bet you don't miss that??? HA

  2. Well, I don't like beans so I don't miss those. I like mac & cheese but when I got sick in Idaho it was one of the few things I could eat that didn't make my stomach hurt so I am kind of tired of it. But like today for some reason I got this random craving for s'mores. They don't have graham crackers here. They have chocolate. They only carry marshmallows once in a great while, and I was told that they have to be eaten quickly because leaving them out, even in a plastic container they get weird.