Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Swiss Garden

Decorated for Deepavali

Last weekend I went to the Swiss Garden hotel. One of my fellow teachers plays the piano there Friday and Saturday nights. She invited me to go along with her. The Swiss Garden is much larger and nicer than the Hyatt. It is farther out of town and along a different stretch of the beach. I went both Friday and Saturday nights from 8:00p.m. until 11:00p.m. I really enjoyed it. The lobby is open air, so they have no doors. I went and sat on one of the couches near the piano when she first started playing to listen to her play. She is really good. Last weekend was Deepavali, so they had colored rice is a design on the floor in front of the piano. The piano is set on a platform surrounded by water. Past that one can look down to the pool area. I was able to walk around and went down to the main level. The pool is huge there. I was also able to walk down to the beach. Since it was dark out I didn't stay down there long. I also went and checked out the spa that they have there. It was pretty nice, but I thought pretty expensive. I like the place that I can walk to just down from where I am living much better. This place was more rustic. The rooms were also smaller. After I checked that out I went to the restaurant and had dinner. I had lamb with vegetables, a potato. It was really good. My friend came down on her breaks and visited with me. I read a book while I was waiting for my food. They also have a buffet of sea food, one of crackers and cheese and fruit, and a chocolate fondue fountain. Both nights I forgot I wanted to try that. With the seafood buffet they even had like a manta ray.

The second night when I was there I had to move couches because this guy on the couch in front of me started smoking. Since there was a breeze that night it was blowing right back in my face. I moved to a couch on the other side of the piano. This couple occupied the first couch that I had abandoned. The guy pulled out his cell phone and was watching some video with this annoying music. I was staring at him hoping he would get the hint that it was annoying. He didn't. Eventually it came to the end. The second time he pulled it out to watch probably about 15 minutes later my friend decided to take a break, and we went down to the restaurant. She said she didn't care that they didn't want to listen to her but the music was so annoying that it was distracting. I just ate a caesar salad that night since we were going to go out to this restaurant afterward for lamb. I stayed down there the rest of the time because I didn't want to listen to that annoying guy's cell phone. If my friend hadn't taken a break when she did I was about ready to go over and tell him to go elsewhere because I was there to listen to the piano music and not his annoying cell phone. While we were down there someone hopped on the piano and started playing. We couldn't see them since we were down below but I bet it was a kid.  I look forward to going back there again. It was really nice. It definitely is Paradise.

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