Tuesday, November 9, 2010

School Library

So, now that I am almost done with the cataloging class I am going to start revamping our library. It is small and not well managed. There is another teacher who kind of takes care of it, but she is grateful for the help. I got good ideas from my class and also from working with people at my old school. 

I am going to create a website which I can do with a gmail account. I am going to enter our books into the website Library Thing that I learned about in class. I am going to decorate the bulletin board and have a monthly theme. I think I might do half the bulletin board like that and the other half book of the week or month. I am spreading the books out so they are not packed so tight into the shelves. I am going to have at least one book every few shelves facing forward. They have not many books but lots of shelves; I think, the library at one time might have been bigger. I hope to have a small display of books to go with the monthly theme. I want the students to start adding reviews to the books on Library Thing.

I am hoping to come up with some sort of incentive program. I am trying to increase their reading. People here are not big readers. The idea hasn't fully percolated yet, but I am think they have to read like so many books on a list and add a review and then they get a prize.  I don't know what kind of list I want to have yet.

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