Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Library Thing

So, in my cataloging class I learned about this cool website called Library Thing. It allows people to become members and catalog their own library. I am excited. I started just going off of my reading list for the last few years, and I have started with some of the books I had in an Excel document. I will have to wait until I get back to America to add the rest. Besides having my books cataloged finally I hope that I can share my library with others and get ideas of books that I should read and friends and family can also look at books I have read to see if they are any good. If I wanted I could do like an International book club. That would be kind of cool. Where I was reading the books that friends and family are also reading. Just one more way to connect to those I miss. I am doing one for the school, and I thought that maybe I could connect my student here with some of the students back home. Anyway right now my brain is just swimming with all these ideas that I have.

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