Monday, October 4, 2010

Locked Kitchen

So,  it was few weeks ago we had the day off on a Thursday (9/16). I stayed up late that Wednesday working on my new online class that just started. I got busy and forgot all about eating until 10:30p.m. Normally if I get hungry that late or later I won't eat because I don't want to start the bad habit of a midnight snack. I was so hungry though and thought I would eat a small salad. I went down to the kitchen and the door was lock. My fridge is out in the dining room area, but my dishes and silverware were in the kitchen. Plus, I had no way to wash the lettuce. Luckily, I had a new thing of crackers that I had not yet opened, so I broke my no eating in my room rule, and ate my crackers over the box and then put it in a tupperware to keep the ants away. Last night I got home at like 8:00ish and went upstairs to put my stuff away. I got done around 9:00 and decided to go downstairs for a small snack. The kitchen was locked again. What the heck people! I have a new box of crackers, but no tupperware to put them in, so went without food. It only takes just a few minutes for ants to get started if they smell/sense food has been left out. Even if I forget to eat the apple that I sometimes take to school I put it back in the fridge rather than leaving it in my backpack.
I don't know if they have had people break into the house at night and break into the kitchen. Do they not trust the people renting that they think once they have gone to bed we are going to raid their fridge? I could raid it during the day when they aren't in the kitchen and off working somewhere else.

Update: 1/21/11
They still lock the kitchen at night, and it still bugs me. I just don't see any reason for it. Tonight I had an early dinner but decided about 8:30ish that I want dessert. Nope, no dessert for me the kitchen is locked. Hello, I can't get to my dishes and microwave that are in there.  I really see no reason to lock the kitchen door. As I have said before the renters could steal food during the day when they are off working or in their room.

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