Monday, October 4, 2010


I miss my friends. I miss visiting with them everyday. E-mail and Facebook are nice, but it is not the same. Instead of getting a reply right then, I have to wait back to hear from them.
The other teachers are ok. They aren't really friendly. One guy I rarely see and never talk to. Another lady I see sometimes, but she also doesn't talk to me. One lady is very nice, and we visit a little bit, but she is part time so I don't see her very often. Another lady I see every day, and she always asks me how its going, but that is about it.  The last lady, who I also share a room with is pretty nice. We visit sometimes. Her husband also works at the school so they are together most of the time. She was trying to be very helpful at first telling me I was paying too much for my place, and that I should get a car. I appreciated her trying to help me but I feel like I am doing what is best for me right now. Maybe after I have lived here for awhile I might feel more comfortable getting a car and driving, and maybe move to a nicer and cheaper place, but for now it is ok. I don't know if she is disappointed that I have not taken her advice and that is why she no longer really visits with me or what.
The friendliest person is the Director of Studies (Principal). He is from America, although he married a Malay woman and has lived here for several years now. We still don't visit much about things not related to school. The owner tells me stories all the time of when he lived in America. Things have been kind of crazy lately with help, so I haven't had a chance much to visit with the owner's wife, but again there is that separation.

I miss telling friends about how my classes went. Any funny or frustrating stories. I miss telling my friends about things I have noticed or learned. I have blogged about some of them, but it is not the same.
I miss talking to my best friend. We haven't lived close to each other for years, but we still e-mailed consistently and would talk on the phone. Now when I have something I really want to tell her I have to e-mail her and wait for her reply or wait for a day and time to call her and try to catch her at home, which is even harder with the time difference. She also can't call me back, so I can leave a message, but she has to wait for me to call her again before we can talk.
The ex-pat group that I went out with the other night had some very nice people. I potentially may have some friends there. I don't know how close we will get. We are all here for a limited period of time before we move on.  I don't know if they would understand my humor either with cultural difference, references, and even the language to some degree. I think they will be helpful to some degree if I need help and will include me sometimes on things, but like I said I don't know how close we will be.

My Mom always says it just takes a minute for your life to change. When you are least expecting it you could meet the guy you are going to marry. I have always wanted to marry a man with a British or Australian accent. I really was hoping that there would be several single guys at the wine dinner, all with THE accent. Alas, it was not to be.

I know myself well though. I would probably meet some guy over here, and I would want to date him, but I would not want to date him because I would think I am going to be moving back to the US in a few years, and I don't want to start a relationship and then break up when I move.  I have done that several times now. I might have met my future husband if I didn't do that. Maybe I met him already but missed my opportunity.

Ok, I am going to stop there before I sound more pathetic than I already am.


  1. Am sorry you are feeling would be nice if there were some Americans for you to get to know and hang out with that is for has your online class been going?

  2. I don't think many Americans come here. They may go to Kuala Lumpur which is the Capital but not here.
    My online class is going well. Other students are fascinated by things I talk about. Some have great ideas to help me too.