Monday, October 4, 2010

Dorm Room vs. Cloister

When I first moved into my room I referred to it as my cloister. I posted pictures and my Mom thought it looked similar to a dorm room. While it may look similar to a dorm room it is not a dorm. My room is quiet most of the time, for the most part I enjoy the quiet after a day at school (we rotate rooms and sometimes I am in the room with another class during my planning periods and those classes are wild and the students noisy). Sometimes it is just so quiet though. I have my Ipod but I don't like to have my headphones on in case the landlord or servant comes to knock on my door. I wish I had brought my little speakers with me. I have looked but not found any yet. The landlord comes and goes. The servants, cook, clean, and take care of the old lady, so there is some coming and going outside my room. There are not people dropping by to visit of invite me to go do some thing or go somewhere.  I had blank wall, out I must put up with them. The walls are concrete so it would be really hard to nail something, but I am not even allowed to use sticky tack or double sided tape. I don't have a roommate. I do have my own bathroom which I don't have to share. I have to go elsewhere to do my laundry. In my dorm we had a kitchen that was share where we could cook. Here I can just have my fridge and microwave and only do whatever heating/cooking I can in the microwave. It is not exciting like a dorm. I know I am older, and I wouldn't appreciate people up and being loud late at night, but I miss having random people drop by to visit or do things with.


  1. Well, I miss having you stop by the library! I sure am enjoying your experience, however!!! It is so fascinating to me!

  2. I miss stopping by the library. The other teachers here are nice but they don't really visit with me. I am enjoying my experience but I do miss my friends.