Thursday, May 16, 2013

Rhymes of Mel

There once was a girl named Mel
She liked exploring quite well
One day she decided to stay longer overseas
so she moved to Malaysia with ease

The culture was very different from her own
and it was hard to be all alone
She met lots of great people
who she found to be her equal

She learned lots of new things
and to her old way of thinking she no longer clings
She took the opportunity to travel to new places
and all the new is what she embraces

Even though she left Malaysia
she wanted to continue to live in Asia
The next stop on her journey was Indonesia
she hopes to always remember this time and never develop amnesia

When she returns home she hopes people will see
that she is a new Melanie
She has lots of wonderful things to share
and hopes her friends and family will care

She is glad that she was given this chance
to experience more of the world than just a quick glance
She plans to never go back to her old ways
no matter what happens during the rest of her days

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