Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Bali & Purple

We have been working on poetry this week and it has been awhile since I have really sat down an written a poem or two or three. Most of the time I like to start out by handwriting the poems. These are the two I like best so far.  I have done Diamante poems before but since I went to Bali last weekend this one is on Bali.

hot, sunny
walking, sightseeing, eating
waves crashing at night
shopping, relaxing, talking
peaceful, sandy

The next one is a color poem about my favorite color. I have written lots of types of poetry before but never a color poem. This is my first attempt at a poem about my favorite color, purple. I had a hard time with this poem. I am not sure if I have written about all the things that Purple is, but this is a good start. 

Purple is the color of royalty
Purple is sadness when a friendship ends
Purple is a long awaited hug by a loved one
Purple is a piece of fresh baked chocolate cake on the tongue
Purple is the sound of crashing waves on the beach late at night
Purple is the scent of a rose as one falls asleep
Purple is being curled up in a comfy blanket on a cold day
Purple is the purr of a cat curled up on a lap
Purple is the velvety feeling of my favorite dress
Purple is chocolate chip cookies hot out of the oven
Purple is hands on my skin during a massage
Purple is the content feeling after waking from a nap
Purple is the right song playing to go with my mood
Purple is when I am feeling confident and beautiful
Purple is a walk at night in the mountains under a canopy of stars
Purple is dark chocolate melting in the mouth

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