Monday, July 2, 2012

Singapore again, on the way to Indonesia

I flew into Singapore on Wednesday June 27, 2012. I got checked into my hotel and dropped my passport off at the agent who the school uses to get the visas process. It was very simple and only took like 5 minutes. I was able to walk there from my hotel. Then I walked down to the Centerpoint on Orchard Road. I picked up an alarm clock and a few tops. Then I went over and had Quizno's for dinner and Cold Stone for dessert. After that I went back to my hotel and watched some movies. On Thursday I did some more shopping for items I needed like dress pants. It was hard to find ones that were long enough even if they fit me. I went and watched two movies at two different malls. The first one I watched was "Snow White and the Huntsmen" and the second was "Men in Black 3." Both were good movies and ones that I had wanted to see. I went to my favorite place Fandangos for a late dinner and finished off by going and getting gelato for dessert. On Friday I did more shopping as I had not been super successful the day before so was trying a mall I had never been to before. I found all the rest of the things that I needed. Then I went back to Fandango's for dinner. Since I had told the guy the night before that I was going to be back that night he knew I was coming. They were really busy, but they pulled a chair up to the bar inside and I ate there by myself. It was nice and I didn't mind. Then it was back to pack my stuff. This trip was not too exciting as I had to do shopping and I don't like shopping. I find it more tiring than sightseeing. It had to be done though. On Saturday I got up and to the airport to head to Surabaya.

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