Thursday, December 22, 2011

Australia Day 3 & 4

Yesterday we got up and went to the Harborside Shopping Center across Darling Harbor and had breakfast. Then we walked over to the National Maritime Museum. We went through a submarine and a destoryer the Vampire (the 3rd). Then we went on a Duyfken, 1606 Replica, of a Dutch ship.

Then we went up into a lighthouse and got to see all around the harbor. The last boaat we went on was the James Craig, which still goes out every fortnight for a few days. It has volunteers that get to go out on it. They also help with the upkeep of the ship. They had lots of volunteers that asked questions about the different boats and gave tours. After that we had a snack and then we went into the museum and went through the galleries on Swimming, the Navy, Aborginies, people who moved to Australia in the past for different reasons around WWII. After that we went to the Sydney Visitor Center and picked up a brochure. Next, we went to the IMAX theater and got tickets for Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol. We had to wait about 45 minutes, so we sat out on the board walk risers. Two Korean kids, a brother and sister, asked for an interview and interviewed us on some of our favorite things and about the United States. Then we watched Mission Impossible. It was pretty incredible on the World's Biggest screen.

After that we walked over to the Hard Rock Cafe and had dinner. Then it was back to the hotel and to bed as it was almost 11p.m. We were almost to the hotel when Dad remembered he forgot the umbrellas at the restaurant. Today we got up and it was raining. We were able to borrow my umbrellas from the hotel. We took a cab though over to Queen Victoria Building for breakfast. I was able to have crepes and a bagel, two of my favorite foods I have missed. After that we walked over toe Kent Street and I was able to find a shoe store that carries Teva footwear, so I could finally get some.

Dinner Time
 After that we to the Aquarium. It was really great. There was a couple tubes that we could walk through that had fish on the tops and sides. One was a shark tank with mostly sharks, this huge tutrtle, and some gigantic sting rays. There was another one where the whole room even the floor was glass that we passed through. Once we got done we went and had a snack. I got a gelato.

Next, we went to the Sydney Wildlife next to the Aquarium. We got to see Koalas and Kangaroos, emus, and a few others animals. It was exciting to finally see them in real life. After that we went to Tony Roma's for dinner. We were going to go to a movie after dinner but we had to wait a long time, so we missed the movie.

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