Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Australia Days 1 & 2

My plane got to Sydney at 9:35 but all the gates were full so we had to sit on the runway for almost an hour. When we finally got off there was a huge line through immigration but it went quickly. When I got through all that Dad was by the ramp coming into the main part of the airport. He thought he had missed me because he hadn't made it to the Visitor Center. It was so nice to see him. The first thing that I did was get a sim card for my phone and my Ipad. It was very easy. After that I exchanged my money and then Dad got a cup of coffee. Then we caught the train to the Wynard stop to walk to the hotel. It was not as easy as we thought. Coming out from the train we had to walk up two different sets of stair cases carrying two suitcases a piece. Two people stopped to offer us help but we did ok.

Small part of one set of stairs we climbed

 As we walked to our hotel it started raining. We got checked in but a room wasn't ready as the check in time was 3pm and it was 1pm. We ate lunch at the hotel restaurant. I had brushcetta and a greek salad with fresh made bleu cheese dressing since they didn't have any, but they offered to do it since that is what I really wanted. Then we went next door and walked through the CWM art gallery. Then we went back and were able to get in our room. Once in our room my Dad went for a walk and I showered and changed. When my Dad got back he told me some things he found on walk. Then he laid down on his bed and was out within seconds. I thought maybe it would be a small nap but he was out until the next morning. I went down and walked around the corner to a convenience store and got some snacks to hold me over. I watched some tv, and then went to bed at 9pm. Yesterday we got up about 7a.m. We just took it easy. Dad got some coffee and we got ready. We left our hotel about 10:30 and walked down to the Queen Victoria Building.

We saw this huge Swaroki Crystal tree. we walked and looked at some of the shops. We ate at Vinto for lunch. We both had sandwiches. We were going to have dessert but their were busy by then and it was hard to get our watier back. We had one waiter that we obviously offended. He asked us if we were ready and we thought we were and asked what rocket is as we had never heard of it. I guess it is a type of lettuce. The guy said he would come back and then he sent another guy over to take our order. We walked to the Jonathan Marks Photography. He has this limited edition print of the Sydney Opera House that I really like. If I had my house I would definitely get it for my house. Then we looked at an opal store. After that we walked then to this other building and looksed at some of its stores. After that we walked to the National Opal Collection which is a museum. We saw opalized teeth, bones, vertebra, et. We saw a opalised pliosaur dinosaur. After that we walked down to the Circular Quay so Dad could have a coffee, then we walked down and Dad checked out the ferries. After, it was off to the Museum by the rocks but it was closed. We walked to the Rocks Square and the Vistor center but it was also closing. Then we walked down to the wharf and around to under the huge bridge. We sat there for awhile and just enjoyed the view and the weather. After that we walked back and watched a cruise ship take off. Then walked up to this Steak House but discovered they only served lunch. So then we walked to 333 Bar. We couldn't find anoyone to seat us and then couldn't find a seat. We walked back to the restaurant Steel. We had a great dinner there. My Dad had a steak and I had lamb. It was a grilled lamb porterhouse with roasted eggplant, capsicum salsa and linguina olive jus. It was wonderful. After that we walked back to our hotel as it was 9pm by then.

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