Saturday, October 29, 2011

Yanni in Singapore

About a month ago we learned at school that we were going to get a week off for Chinese New Year in January instead of just two days. I was looking at the Marina Bay Sands Theater website about Wicked because I want to see that. I noticed that Yanni was going to be there on the 21st of October for one night only. Even though I love lots of different types of music (except country) there are some artists that are my favorites. I have liked Yanni since I was in my early teens and have wanted to see him for a long time. The date was almost perfect. We had until Wednesday the 26th of October off for the Sultan's birthday and Deepavali. The only problem is they only have one flight every other day here and only one on those days. The flight left at 12:50p.m. I got out of school at 12:05p.m. but that would not work because of my ride situation and with the traffic. I was so bummed. I talked to my parents and said why don't you ask the owner. I never take any sick days and the only days I missed where for a conference and I do my job and help cover for others. I went the next day and asked. He was fine with it. The Director of Studies said he would cover for me. I bought the ticket that day after school, made the flight and hotel reservations. I was excited. I couldn't believe I was finally going to see him in person.
October 21st rolled around. I got done with class at 11:00 a.m. and then the Director of Studies was going to cover my last class. I rushed outside to wait for my ride and she didn't show up for another 20 minutes. I realized on the way out to the airport I forgot my book I had bought last time of 100 Historical places to see and my maps. Oh well, it was too late to turn around. We made it to the airport in good time and I had some time to wait before it the plane showed up, but that was ok. I would rather be a little early than miss my only flight. We got to Singapore just fine and I got checked into the hotel room. After that I went to Marina Bays Sand shops first. I bought a few items I needed that I can't get where I am. Then I went to Osteria Mozza for dinner. Right across the mall from the theaters. I thought there was only one theater but there is actually two. "The Lion King" is playing in the other one, which I already saw.

I had a bufalo mozzarella appetizer, a leg of lamb for main dish and a wonderful (bitter chocolate) cioccolato for dessert. Then I went over to Yanni. I was in the front row, so close. It was dark on stage until they all came out. The other musicians came out first and then it was so quiet that we could here some guy back stage call out "All right Yanni! Time to go". We laughed. I could see that he has aged well. I know he is too old for me but I think he is still good looking. I must say that I like the scruffy look without the big huge mustache that he had for awhile. He is still very fit and must work out. I could tell that he is older though because he has older person skin like my Dad. He had two keyboards that he did some of the songs in between. He would play and hop around. He does lots of hair flipping. He also had a grand piano which was right in front of me that he played his more calm songs on. He played some from his new album out and some classics of his. He talked to the audience in between every few songs. He is very nice. He has a beautiful accent and seems like a genuinely warm and caring person. He has great musicians that play with him. It has two cello players, a bass player, two drummer, another keyboard player, two singers, a man that played trumpet and flugel horn, two violinist, and a trombone player. Some of the people were closer to his age and probably been with him a long time. Others were younger. All very talented though.
Waiting for concert to start
He was supposed to play for 90 minutes but he played for over two hours. Some of the songs he played: "The End of August" (which was about a time in his life when he was getting ready to leave Greece and live in America for awhile to continue making his music career), "Felitsa" ( which is about his Mom, who was very strong and believed in him and gave him peace and strength), "Nightingale" (which he composed after he had been to China and played in the Forbidden City), "Desire", "Aria", "Marching Season" (which featured his drummer friend), "Night to Remember", "Niki Nana", "Truth of Touch", "Echo of a Dream", "Seasons", "Voyage", "Flash of Color", "Vertigo", "Nine", "Can't Wait", "Guilty Pleasure", "Playing by Heart". I know he played more than that. There was no program which I wish there had been. I have heard his songs so many times that in listening to my Ipod after to figure out which ones exactly he played they also sound so familiar. He did not introduce every song. He did a couple encores which was wonderful. We gave him and his musicians several standing ovations. There was one point were he came really close and I could have stuck out my hand to shake his but I didn't. I didn't want it to end. Neither did anyone else.  The very last song he played is one of the first songs I remember of his. It is called "One Man's Dream". I remember back when I was in high school I introduced my dance teacher to Yanni and so we had a few of his numbers that year that we danced to. That was one of the songs and it was a pointe number. I always wanted to dance on pointe and be a ballerina (along with being a teacher). I did finally make it to pointe a few years after that and took that class with another class but not good enough to dance for the recital. He spoke about how even though the world is going through a hard time right now. All we need is for one person to have a dream and the world will change. He said that dreams do come true. Earlier he had told us that when he was a teenager, he and his main drummer had been in a rock and roll band (I just can't picture it.) and dreamed of a time when they would do just want they are doing. I agree. There are things I dreamed of when I was in high school like traveling overseas more and living overseas for a period of time and teaching. My 20's were fine, but my 30's are truly awesome because my dreams are coming true. The last song made me a little teary eyed thinking that I was finally getting to see him live, and that many of my dreams are coming true. At the same time it was a little sad to be by myself and not have someone to share it with.

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