Saturday, October 29, 2011

Rest of Yanni Singapore Trip

So, the next day after I saw Yanni I slept in a bit. I was tired and the bed was so comfy and the room so quiet. When I finally got ready to leave it started pouring rain, so I decided to wait an hour to see what happened. It let up. I walked down Orchard Road to Plaza Singapura. I went to Build a Bear. I know my Mom will be like what?! Yes, even though I am mature in someways when it comes to Teddy Bears and Build a Bear I will never grow up. At the mall I saw this really interesting guy. He was dressed in a tank top and had an ipod with head phones. He had his hair pulled back in a messy bun. He was wearing dance pants and dance shoes ( like jazz). He walked like a dancer does on stage when they are emphasizing their walk. It is very slow and drawn out. He kept looking and so I thought maybe he was on some show or something or wanting some friend to notice him. Later I was up a couple floors and saw him standing at the railing looking down. He was listening to his music just dancing away like he wanted everyone to notice him. It was pretty funny. I was trying to find out if any of the movies at the theater were worth seeing but couldn't get my Ipod to connect to the Wifi, so I gave up and left. It was raining again, so I decided to drop my items back off at my room, so as not to get everything wet. Then I went for a very long walk, sightseeing. I walked around from my hotel on Bencoolen and walked down Waterloo street all the way passed Middle street down Burgis street. Then I walked back to Victoria street and stopped into this new Chocolate shop called 10th Chocolate Street that carried Vezzo D'Or. I got myself some dark chocolate. I walked past Chijmes and down Hill street passed the Armenian church and then over passed St. Andrew's Cathedral and back passed the War Memorial and through the park to across the road from Esplanade Theaters on the Bay. After that I walked to the Asian Civilisations Museum and Indochine restaurant. I didn't realize I had passed Merlion park or I would have stopped there too. They weren't serving the rack of lamb until 6:30p.m. and it was 6:00 so I decided I didn't want to wait around there and didn't want to eat just a burger. So I walked over to Raffle's Landing site, passed the Arts House and Parliament house. I walked back close to Hill street and the Old Hill Street Police Building but turned back and made my way to Victoria street and eventually Chijmes. I ate dinner at Hog's Breath, which I discovered last time. I ate buffalo wings and the chicken Caesar wrap again. Then I walked back to my hotel on Bencoolen street. I dropped off my stuff and then got a cab and went to the housewarming party of a new twitter friend that I was meeting in person for the first time (another post). After that I went to bed when I got back.

At base of Singapore Flyer
On Sunday I went to check out the Singapore Writer's Festival that was very close by but didn't see much that was going on, probably because I didn't know exactly where to look. Then I walked over the the National Museum of Singapore. The first exhibit was one on the History of Singapore. I was given a headset to listen to. I went through this curtain onto this walk way with a 360 screen and then across the walkway through another curtain and down this winding ramp to the rest of the exhibit. I didn't stand in that one long. It was darkly lit and like a maze. It was kind of creepy. After that I went to the Living Galleries exhibits on Film and Wayang, Photography- framing the Family, food, and fashion. Part of the permenant exhibits is this swinging chandelier display and a huge chili on the back side of the building. My legs and feet were tired from all the walking I did the day before, so after that I went back to the hotel for awhile. Then I went to Trattoria Lafiandra for a late lunch, early dinner but they were not open yet. So I walked down to Suntec City.  I wanted to see a movie, but it was only playing once that day and it was done for the day. I decided to go see "What's Your Number". It was ok. It was predictable. After I got done I thought I could walk to Singapore Flyer but there was construction and it looked like it was on the other side of highway roads with no places to cross. It was so close though that I didn't want to get a cab. I walked back to Trattoria Lafiandra for a very late dinner. I had bruschette and a then had a tortelloni with roquefort cheese (I think).

I get stopped by people when I am out and about for various things like to take their picture, for directions, just to talk to me, trying to sell me stuff. When I first headed out that day this guy stopped me and was telling me that I had a lucky face, and a good heart, and all this other stuff. Some of it seemed right on. Then he took out a piece of paper and wrote down the name of a flower. I picked rose and that is what he had written. I almost said Plumeria though. Then he wanted me to give him money to pray for me. I told him no thanks. I was kind of creeped out by the situation. I hoped then to give a leave me alone vibe but I guess not. I had a lady stop me shortly after that to take her picture, a couple people to sell me things, and others to randomly talk to me.

Double Helix bridge
On Monday I thought about going out to Sentosa island but I decided it was probably crowded and really I only wanted to go to two shops there, one being a popcorn shop. I still wanted to go to the Singapore Flyer but I didn't want to take a cab all the way there and then back. I thought it was a waste of money. I walked down Orchard Road again. First, I went to the Cathay to see the "Change Up" but they didn't have it and didn't have many shops. I walked back to Plaza Singapura to see about seeing it there but it was done. I ate lunch at Secret Recipe. Then I walked back to my hotel room. I wasn't feeling well. I think it was all the walking I had been doing, but not drinking enough water and not eating very much. I went to Wendy's for dinner. I didn't feel like walking too far and felt like a chocolate frosty. I watched movies in my room.

On Tuesday which was my last full day housekeeping called at 12:30 to find out when they could clean. I had the do not disturb sign on and then had not called any of the others days.  I was about ready to leave anyway. I noticed that the screw on my right side of my glasses was coming loose and I didn't have my spare pair with me. I didn't know where my little screwdriver was. I walked to Raffle's City and went to a place there. I bought a new screwdriver but couldn't get it to tighten. I took my glasses back in and asked the guy if he could help me. He said it was something wrong with the screw. I told him I was traveling and didn't have a spare pair. He changed the screw for free, how nice. After that I got a cab for Marina Bay Sands. I went to the Art and Science museum. I want to see the Van Gogh and Dali exhibits. They only had the Salvador Dali. I didn't care for his paintings or drawings, but I thought his sculptures were ok. After that I walked to the Double Helix bridge and went across stopping to take pictures. When I got to the other side I could see that I could walk across to the Singapore Flyer. So, I went.
The back of Chijmes
 It was nice. It is a great way to look out over Singapore. At first I was afraid to get up off the seat. I am not afraid of heights, but I am of falling. Eventually I got up though so I could look out even better than from the middle. At one point this middle aged lady in a foursome ( I think they were Russian) asked if I wanted my picture taken. I nodded. So she took my picture. Then she told me that I should have one done with the sights in the background. She handed my camera off to the younger guy in the group. I don't think he really wanted to, but she said he was better at taking pictures. So I stood with the Marina Bay Sands sights in the background. He got really close, instead of zooming in. I was trying to smile in the picture so I looked happy but trying not to blush since he was really good looking and trying not to laugh since he was so serious. The whole trip took about 1/2 hour. After that I walked back over the Double Helix bridge. I walked around the Marina Bay Sands shops for awhile. I saw that Kenny G is coming in November but there is no way for me to go. Then,  I got a cab and headed back to my hotel. The guy missed the turn off with the construction and I had to walk a ways. I was upset at first, but then I passed my two really cool beads stores. One had pieces made up by the owner. It reminded me how much I miss making jewelry. I walked back to my hotel and waited a bit to make sure places where open for dinner. I walked back down to Chijmes and went to Fandango's Tapas and Wine bar. I had seen it advertized as coming soon back in August. They were open. I had a tapas that was bread with marinated feta cheese, sun dried tomatoes and parsley. My other tapas that was lamb cutlets with mint jelly and this weird tiny dried pasta. Both were very good though. Then I walked to Lippolis and had gelato for the first time. I had the black forest. It was great. Then I walked back to my hotel and worked on packing my suitcase.
Black Forest gelato

Wednesday morning I got up and went to the airport. Our plane took off about an hour late. We were in a long line of planes. I could see 10 planes lines up behind us waiting for their turn. When I got back it was pouring rain here.

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