Wednesday, December 1, 2010

School Costume Party

On November 26th the school's student council hosted a costume party at one of the student's house. It was lots of fun. It went from 7p.m. to 10p.m. There was several games with prizes, great potluck food, and a costume contest. The party started with a balloon popping competition. After that the students were allowed to eat food. When the food was finally served the power went out like 3 times. We kept blowing a fuse and had to turn off some lights. They had all the lights on in their house and outside the house, and their flat screen tv was set up to play music and one of the students had brought extra speakers to make the music even louder. The students had no idea what was going on, and I tried to explain and that we had to pop the breaker but they didn't get it. Next up was the costume contest. There were lots of different ones. First place went to Robin Hood. Second place went to a Mexican/Indian Warrior. Third place went to a girl who had broken out of a mental hospital and had been shot. While the judges, I was one, were deciding the winners the next game was a dancing newspaper game. The students were partnered up. Most were a bigger student with a smaller student. They each had a double page of a newspaper. When the music played they danced around the newspaper. When the music stopped then they were both to be inside the edges of the newspaper. Those who did not get out that round were to fold the newspaper in half and dance again until the music stopped. That was continued until we had winners. After that on the way back into the house the students wanted me to dance. They were all asking me, so I eventually gave in and started dancing. I was being more goofy than serious. That gave the student council president the idea to do another dance competition only this one they had to be a statue when the music stopped. Even blinking they could get out. There were like 5 students that were tied for that.  Then there was a contest to guess how many chocolates in the jar. I guessed 150. One of the students guessed 160 which is how many there were exactly. Then a cake in a box was passed around for students to guess the weight. There was a four way tie, so the tiebreaker was to guess how old the owner of the school was. I actually know his age. Then the dance/statue game was repeated since there were still two more prizes. One for a girl and one for a guy. This time there was more requirements to make it harder. Like towards the end they had to have one leg raised and their hands on their hips. The party was lots of fun, even though I mostly just observed, but I am glad that I went and my students were all glad I was there. There were three other teachers besides me and the director of studies. The other teachers were also allowed to bring their children and they all did.
The one thing that did surprise me was the music. At school functions in America (that I am familiar with) the music has to be approved and has to be clean. Here they played whatever they wanted. So, they had some what I would consider inappropriate for school music. Nobody said anything. The Director of Studies didn't even say anything.

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