Saturday, December 11, 2010

Just a Few Sayings

I have noticed just a few sayings that are common here.
If the time is between one hour and another they say the first hour plus like 10 plus, which could be 10:15, 10:20, 10:30 etc.
If something happened in the past no matter how long ago it happened "last time". I have had friends tell me "last time" when I was little we had this happen... even if it was 15 years ago and they have been back to that place since then.
The dreaded "And then". When telling someone something almost every sentence starts with "and then".
Example: Last Friday was Career Day. And then, we had these speakers that came and talked to the students. And then, we had four speakers. And then, the students were separated into two groups- middle school and high school. And then, etc.
I have started to pick up that saying because that is just something I do. I am not aware of it until someone points it out.
Then they have this word/expression when something is wrong. It is hard to write it because it is not actually a word. I can feel that I am on the verge of saying that too.
For the most part Mother is Mommy or Mummy and Father is Papa.
Bangs here are called Fringe.
If they want to add some expression or emphasis to a word they will tack on la. Like No-la or house-la or ride-la.
(prescription) glasses are called specs
proctoring a test or exam is called invigilate
extra classes are called tuition
Back home if you are going to go with someone in their car you say that you are going with the person. If you are going in your own car and following behind their car, you say you are following them.
Here when a person is going along with in the same car they say that they are following. 
Also, if someone is going to take you to the store or your house back home they will say I will take you...
Here they say I will send you to the store with me.
If you are to wait for someone, you are to "stand by"

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