Sunday, October 31, 2010

Parent/Teacher Conferences

We had parent/teacher conferences on Tuesday. The students went home at noon and then the conferences started at 1:00 and went to 3:00 and then from 5:00 to 7:00p.m. It makes for a long day. We didn't have school Monday since it was the Sultan's birthday, so having the Tuesday be the first day and then having to go the rest of the week. I was very tired the rest of the week. The parent's signed up for 10 minute slots. None of my parents came during the slot they had signed up for. I did not care. I stayed during the break too because there was no point in getting a cab back home and then back to school. I would have spent most of my break time waiting for the cab. Plus, I had parents come during the break too. Conferences went well. I wish I could speak several languages and not just English.  I had to have another teacher translate for one, and she was supposed to translate for another but she had a parent come at the same time. So we did it without her. This was a Korean parent who also spoke Mandarin. Then there was a translator with the parent that spoke Mandarin and Malay, but very little English. I spoke very slowly and tried to use simple words and gestures to get my point across. It seemed like I was understood. The very next day I decided to start using Malay though, so hopefully by next conference time I can converse somewhat better in their language.  There is no way though, I don't think, that while I am here I can become proficient in every language that all my students use.

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