Saturday, October 23, 2010

My 2nd hair cut

So I got my hair cut for the second time yesterday at the same salon. It was again interesting. I got there and Angel, the lady who cuts my hair was finishing up on a person. She told me it would be about 5 minutes and so I had a seat on the couch. After a few minutes she called me over to sit in the middle chair in front of the full length mirror. I really don't like the full length mirrors. I don't like to sit there and look at myself. She came over and told me they were going to wash my hair. She said pulled sections of my hair up and took a look at my scalp and told me it was sensitive so they were going to massage my head instead of scratching it. So, the girl that did the blow drying on my hair the last time had me come over and washed my hair. It is one of those set ups where there is a little stool at the end of the reclined chair that a person steps on and then settles back in an reclined position. The head is laid on a platform with the hair hanging down in the bowl. She did a very nice job of massaging my head. It was interesting how she wrapped and tucked the towel, so that it stayed on my head, but didn't let water drip down. Then I was taken back in front of the mirror, and she combed my hair out. After that she gave me a neck and upper back massage. She massaged me neck and arms a little bit. Then she did some funky things to my upper back and also pat it really hard like 5 times on the right and then the left. It felt good though. While she was doing that then Angel was finishing up another client, (not the one that she was when I first walked in).  She asked me if I wanted Chinese tea, but I didn't right then. Angel came over and confirmed that I wanted my hair highlighted, and I said yes.  She asked me if I wanted the same trim as last time. I said no because it got too thick and hot. She agreed saying it also becomes squarish. I was going to show her a picture of how I had my hair last fall and winter where it was lots of layers and much shorter. She said she was going to layer my hair. I didn't show her the picture. I decided to just let her decided how she wanted to do it. After she cut it like she wanted then she blow dried it and asked me about my highlights. Angel wanted to know if I just wanted blond or blond and copper. I said I didn't know. I said she was the expert and could decide what would look better. She asked if I wanted the blond chunky so it was obvious or thin, so it was more blended. I told her I wanted it more blended.  She did just blond, but she did a really nice job. While I waited for it to set, I read a couple magazine and had Chinese tea. I love the taste of that. They have a tv on each side of the mirror, but it is on mute and the caption is not in English, so I couldn't read it to know what was being said.  While I was waiting then Angel was working on a new client. When I got done then the helper came back and washed my hair again, and combed my hair out and started blow drying it.  Angel came back over and and asked me if she could straighten my hair, so I said sure. She straightened my hair and told me that if I didn't wash it I could wear it for 2 or 3 days like that. By 9p.m. last night though it was starting to flip a little bit in places due to the humidity. I don't really have many people I will be seeing, so I washed it today, and it is back to curly.  Hair dressers are always obsessed with straightening my hair for me, so I can see what it looks like straight. I don't really care, so I won't take the time to do it myself and the few times I have tried I haven't done a good job, so I let them most of the time.

Angel always seems to be juggling more than one client at a time relying on her helper to do things like the washing and blow drying. 

I was happy with the job she did. Today my hair was a little crazy. It always is the next day after it is cut, so hopefully this will be even better then the last hair cut. She said to come back in two months and she will layer it some more. The highlights should last about 3 months before I have to do them again. The only problem is is that she cut my bangs, and like today when I am doing laundry I find it hot and want to pull my hair back still but it is easier for my hair to fall out. Oh well. Eventually I will find a good style for this heat. It was quite a bit more for all that I had done yesterday, but when I convert it into US dollars to see the comparison it was really cheap in US dollars, so I am fine with the money I spent.

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