Friday, October 1, 2010

My water heater

My water heater is finally installed. I am so grateful to have the ability to take a hot shower now. It was installed Wednesday, Thursday, Friday of this week. On Wednesday the plumber came and did all the plumbing and hooked up the heater box to the wall. So I still had to take a cold shower Thursday morning. Thursday when I got home from school the electricians were there adding the wiring from the electrical switch to the water heater. The walls are cement here in old houses, so they put the wiring on the wall and out a cover on it.  Well, in drilling the hole through the wall of my bedroom into the wall of my bathroom the electrician put a hole in the pipe so water wash gushing out of the wall. I was sitting out on the couch in the common room when it happen. Water started coming out the door and creeping towards where I was sitting. One of the servants came to mop it up but she wasn't moving very fast. Finally, the landlord got something to plug the hole until they could fix it. I was taken to another empty bedroom to wait.  The plumber had to come back and make a hole in the wall to expose the pipe and put a new pipe in. After that was done then the electrician finished the electrical work for the water heater.  So last night about 7:00 I had a water heater that worked but the overhead light in my bathroom didn't work or the one in my bedroom.

All I had was the dim light above my bed. It does not get light here until almost 7:00 a.m. So I showered this morning in the dim light shining in from my bedroom. It was wonderful though to have hot water. I was not sure how hot it would be or exactly how it worked so I just took a warm shower, but it was better than cold water. I have been showering like one body part at a time and trying not to have my whole body under the water at once since it is so cold. This morning I was able to stand completely under the water and get the kinks out from sleeping.  I feel the hot water will also be better for getting clean. I have always liked taking shower and appreciated the fact that I could take a shower, but now I will appreciate them even more.  After my shower I had to skip the make up because it wasn't light enough to see putting it one and making sure I didn't miss any spots. When I got home today they were still working on the electric. My lights are all working again. They patched the hole and once it has dried then it will be painted again.

My landlord was very angry at first when it happened yesterday. I felt bad that I had wanted a water heater installed. Later he said the good news is that this happened while he was still here so that he could take care of it, and he could supervise them. The first thing he did when I came home today was ask me how my shower was. I told him it was wonderful, and I had enjoyed it so much. I was so grateful to have hot water. He said he hopes that I live here at least 3 years after this. Who knows. It could be two or three or ten.  When I gave him the rent today he was going to give me change because he had already forgotten about the one time payment of RM 20.00 that I was going to pay him to have a water heater installed. I was nice and honest and reminded him though. I hope he remembers that.


  1. Hi! Before you had the water heater, how did you heat your water? Malaysia is a tropical country, the water gets a bit cold during the early morning and it's really hard to take a shower with cold water. It's a good thing that you have one installed already, no more cold showers for you.

  2. Elia,

    Before I had a hot water heater I didn't heat my water. I took cold showers and they were ice cold first thing in the morning. Even once I got the hot water heater installed it was only for my shower. My sink and the kitchen sink still were cold water.