Tuesday, September 28, 2010


-So everyday on the bus ride to school the bus driver's cell phone rings 5-6 times. I don't know if it is an alarm or a text messages or calls. Most of the time he reaches over and stops it from ringing, but sometimes he pulls it out and looks at it. Once or twice he has answered it. If it is someone texting him or calling don't they know he is driving a bus. Is it the same person or different people? Why do they keep it up if he can't get back to them until later, why not wait until he is done driving the bus?
-I bought my water heater and my landlord finally came back to town. I talked to him about installing it, and he wanted to raise my rent.  So we had a discussion about it and in the end I am not going to have to pay more. He never mentioned when I was going to move in and I told him I was getting a water heater that he was going to charge me more. Plus, I am paying for the labor and he gets to keep it when I leave. Well, the plumber came and installed it today and hopefully the electrician can come tomorrow, so maybe by the end of the week I can take a warm shower in the morning. We are having more rain every day, and so eventually people said it will get worse when taking a shower if it is pouring rain outside. It makes it even colder when one showers.
- I pretty much have to wear mosquito repellent at all times. If I don't then I get tons of bites. Like I didn't wear any this weekend because I didn't really go anywhere but now I have lots of bites.
- I keep thinking every night that I should write in my journal, but instead I have been reading or messing around on the Internet like checking e-mail and Facebook.
-When it lightnings here it is much brighter than back home. It is so bright every time that it can wake me up from a dead sleep when it lights the room. There is always thunder, and it is much louder and sometimes can shake the house. The first time it happened was when I was sleeping and it really scared me.
-Things go slowly here. I got my first paycheck today. I got reimbursed money for my plan ticket when I got here and so I had money to buy things like my fridge, microwave, sheets, towels, etc. Well, the government is still not all done with my paper work, so while I have been paid I can't set up a bank account yet to deposit the check and have more money. I hope it doesn't take too much longer. I am going to be out of money soon after I pay October's rent and pay for the installation of the water heater. I wanted to put it off, but my landlord is leaving for 3 months, so if I don't do it this week I have to wait until he comes back. I may be living off water and apples or carrots, or walnuts or anything else I have in my fridge. It is not like I can transfer money from the US because I had to have my Mom pay all of my September bills while they finished emptying the house and getting ready to rent it. Oh well, I am trying not to panic and have faith that something will work out.
- I now have permission to talk to the servants. The landlord said if there is anything that I have problems with the tell the servants and they will tell him or his brothers while he is gone. He said he makes that rule because he has had a servant run away and others try to turn against him and take over the house. But now that he is getting to know me he trusts me now. (Plus, he has it figured out it would be really hard for me to cause problems with the servants since I don't speak Chinese, and they don't speak hardly any English and understand very little.) We have gotten to using gestures to help figure things out, sometimes it is still a no, go on the understanding, and we shrug shoulders or shake our heads.
- I am tired of hot and humid weather and sweating all the time.  I miss cold weather.


  1. Well, I was about to say...he never mentioned that he would raise your rent if you got a hot water heater...am glad he didn't raise your rent...he seems like a pretty nice landlord. He sure seems to be gone a lot.
    I am making stroganoff tonight...last night, I made calico beans. I sat down in the chair, though, and am exhausted so am having a hard time getting motivated to get back up and cook...where is my servant when I need him? Oh, making ice at the ice arena! HA
    How was the visit to the Public Library? Any better than what you thought it would be? We just got Ellen Hopkins 3rd book Fallout...it goes with Crank and Glass. Not sure I will read it. Patty said Ellen Hopkins is now going to write a verse book geared more toward adults so will be interesting to see what topic she writes about for that.
    Hope you can get the bank thing worked out...that would be scary to not have access to money:(

  2. Well, he is actually from Sidney, Australia, and he said it is where his family is at. I don't know if he just comes here for a few months or what exactly. He has two brothers that live here in town. One brother comes every day at lunch time to check on the Mom. The other brother comes to visit once a week or so. The servants do all the caring for the Mom, so I don't know if he spends his whole summer here or what. I think our summer is Australia's winter, so maybe it is nicer here. Then maybe as we get into rainy season he goes back there to be with his family and avoid all the rain. I thought he was a bachelor, but maybe he was married and is widowed but has grown children or something.
    The visit to the Public library was ok. It was slightly better than I thought. They actually have an OPAC. They also are starting a Ulibrary or something where people can order books from any library in Malaysia from the kiosk at the library and then they can drop it off when they are done. They are just charging for shipping. There was actually more English books than I thought Some of the authors were like Stephan King, Dean Koontz, Twilight, Harry Potter, etc. They had a few books I had not read that I might want to but I did not get a membership. Plus, it costs money and I am trying not to spend anything until I can deposit my paycheck and get cash. I don't know how easy it will be to get there again. I really liked Crank, but only read half of glass. Also, never got around to reading the other books of hers. I am sure I will some day, but I think it was too much to read all at once. It definitely will be interesting to see what she does for adults. I wasn't super scared about having no money, but today when the electrician was drilling the hole through the wall for the wiring from the light switch to the water heater he put a hole in the pipe. Now it is a huge mess and is going to take way more work to fix and install. I am worried now that they are going to charge a lot more, and I don't have access to any more money currently. I will just have to pray that the timing all works out.