Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Another Rhyme of Mel

I know I haven't been doing very good at blogging this year. I was working on a project last night and wrote this poem. The first part is actually very similar and in some parts the same as I poem I wrote at least a year ago, but the rest is different. 

There once was a girl named Mel
She liked exploring quite well
One day she decided to stay longer overseas
so she moved to Southeast Asia with ease

The culture was very different from her own
and it was hard to be all alone
She met lots of great people
who she found to be her equal

She learned lots of new things
and to her old way of thinking she no longer clings
She took the opportunity to travel to new places
and all the new is what she embraces

She is glad that she was given this chance
to experience more of the world than just a quick glance
She plans to never go back to her old ways
no matter what happens during the rest of her days

She hopes to continue to explore
As to only stay at home is a bore
Her heart now resides in two places
Because she misses her dear friends’ faces

She has been called an old soul
Who happens to like rock and roll
Letters and old movies tie her to a bygone era
She is even named after a character close to O’Hara

She is strong and independent
But not extremely resplendent
Mature, yet hopelessly silly
But better to be that than chilly

Laughing hard brings tears and hiccups
To a girl who owns no pickups
Smiling is something fun to do
It happens a lot instead of feeling blue

To write about one’s self can be a chore
And can be a struggle not to cause the reader to snore
I hope if nothing else this makes you laugh
If not, I wouldn’t hire me to be on your writing staff

If you do like this poem hardcore
I may be willing to do an encore
Although it is not easy
To always be this cheesy  

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