Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

Hoover Dam
For Thanksgiving 2013 I traveled to Oklahoma City where my brother lives. Our parents also joined us. I had not seen my brother since 2009 since I didn't come back to the US the entire time I was overseas and he didn't have enough time off of work to come all the way over there to see me.  On the way to the Las Vegas airport the lady who took me stopped at the Hoover Dam so that I could see it. I flew out Tuesday after school and got into OKC after midnight. 
As my brother drove me back to his place we did a 2a.m. tour of OKC. It was really nice as no one was out, so we were able to take our time and look at things without traffic trying to rush us. Wednesday we all went shopping for groceries to make Thanksgiving meal and we went out to eat at Cafe 501. I got to meet my brother's girlfriend for the first time. After dinner she came over and hung out with us so we could visit and get to know her better. Thanksgiving we made food and went to see Catching Fire, the second movie of the Hunger Games trilogy. After that we went to look at this road that has trees lining both sides of it and they do a cool job of wrapping the lights around the trees. 

Pop's Route 66
The lights on the trees change colors. There was also a really cool house that had a huge light display and the display was choreographed to music and the people had one station on the radio so that people could sit in their vehicles and watch the display. Friday was my parents' 38th wedding anniversary.  First we went to see where my brother works as he got a new job in the last few months. 

We also stopped at Pop's an old gas station that they added a store with over 600 types of pop, along Route 66. We got a 6 pack of different types of pop to try. After that we went to the Oklahoma Museum of Art. I wasn't very crazy about the art but got to see the Chihuly display. He does awesome glass work.  That night we went out to watch an NBA game. 


My first time seeing a professional game of any kind. We watched the OKC Thunder and California's Golden State. Thunder won by 1 point at the last second in overtime. It was a pretty intense game and it was awesome. 

NBA game
Saturday my mom, brother and his girlfriend had to run an errand, so after we had lunch at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art's cafe my dad and I walked along the river walk downtown and then over to the Oklahoma City Bombing memorial and took a look at that. There were some park rangers there that talk to people and tell them about it. One guy was very knowledgeable and I learned quite a bit.  That night we ate at West restaurant. It was pretty good food. My brother knows the chef from when he worked at his previous job. We met up with my brother's girlfriend and her sister also came, so we got to meet her as well. After that we went and looked at some lights especially this one house that had their lights set to music on a station on the radio. It was pretty cool. 

City walk

On Sunday we went to my brother's church and then we had lunch at Republic Gastropub and then my brother had a soccer game. It was part of a tournament. We went and watched him until my parents had to take me to the airport. I had a great time and it was nice to see my brother again. 

Part of OKC Bombing Memorial 

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