Sunday, November 3, 2013

Cowboy boots and Tattoos

I grew up in Wyoming and so there was lots of cowboys and Western wear. I went to the Rodeo once when I was young with a friend of mine. I don’t remember what happened except that I was traumatized and have never been to one since. I did like to go horseback riding and wished that I could have had a horse when I was growing up. I was never interested in wearing any western wear. I also am not a country music fan. I wasn’t crazy about it growing up, but grew to like it even less in college, but that is another story. This summer though I have taken an interest in western wear. I started this summer by buying a western hat, not really a cowboy hat, more like Indiana Jones’ hat. Later I did buy myself a fancy cowboy hat and a cowboy belt buckle. I am saving up to have a belt made to go with the buckle. Or, it is more like I can’t decide what sort of design I want on the belt. It will probably take me awhile to decide. Of the designs so far, they all look so cool, but I also want something that is unique to me.

Anyway, I went into Boot Barn the other day for something that they didn’t have and ended up looking at boots. I have worn boots over the years, mostly plain black or brown, but have also worn Harley Davidson boots. I need some new boots and decided to look at what they had. I bought my first pair of cowboy boots. When I was looking at them I asked the lady why are there so many designs because when you wear them under your pant legs people can’t see them. She said she buys the boots for herself and it is kind of like her secret. She might show them to some people. It made me think of my tattoos. I have tattoos, but most people don’t know it. They are always shocked when they find out. I don’t have them placed where they are visible all the time like many people. I have them so that I can enjoy them, and I can show them to people if they are special enough to me. So, I totally get her thoughts about the cowboy boots. I ended up buying a pair and they are so comfortable that I can’t believe it. I may not want to ever wear anything else again. I have never had shoes or boots that were so comfortable. I went back today to look at another pair that I had seen the first day. They are also super comfortable but they are more money than I have ever spent on shoes in my life. I get that that pair is hand made and so way more work is put into them than some of the other boots I looked at while I was there.  I have never been a shoe person, but I have been looking at the wide variety of boots out there. I can see how they could be addicted having different designs to wear for different occasions. But, in a similar way to tattoos I am not going to be rash in my decision. They may not last forever like a tattoo, but with the cost they are going to be worn a lot, so I have to make sure that I really like them.  I have wanted another tattoo for a few years now but I can’t decide on a design. It takes me years to make that decision, and I might put it off for a little longer because I might get another pair of cowboy boots. They might not represent the story I am looking to tell in the tattoo, but they are definitely not permanent, so I don’t have to be as committed to them like I am my tattoos.

So, I've decided I really like cowboy boots. They may not have fit in my life before but they fit in my life now. I am glad I am always evolving, changing and open to try new things. 

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