Tuesday, September 25, 2012

My 32nd Birthday in Indonesia

The group at my birthday dinner

I had a wonderful birthday this year. I continued the tradition of celebrating a birthday in my 30's in another country. 30 was Malaysia, 31 was Singapore, and 32 Indonesia.

It was a normal school day, but after school we had our normal Tuesday professional development. The tradition here is that the birthday person brings his/her team treats. I am on several teams so in order to solve that problem I made treats for all of the high school staff about 70 people. I made 5 pans of this dessert that I made. It was an alternative/experiment of another dessert I know of because they did not have all the ingredients I needed. All the staff thought that it was delicious and were surprised I made it myself because all the other expats have pembantus and the pembantus mostly do the cooking for every day meals and any special occasions.

My dessert at dinner- Crepes Creole

That evening a group of us expats went out to dinner at The Vinette, a French restaurant. I had been taken there when I came for my visit in April and really like the food an atmosphere. It was a wonderful dinner. I later learned that later that the tradition is that people chip in for a few gifts for the birthday person and the birthday person's dinner.

I got two pashmina shawls, and a little thing with a puppy on it for my seat belt so it doesn't cut my neck since it is not adjustable.

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