Sunday, February 5, 2012

90th Birthday Party

The weekend before Chinese New Year January 15th the little old lady where I live kept trying to get across to me that she wanted me to come to this party. At first I didn't understand because I don't speak any Malay or Chinese. One of the house mates came back and she had him tell me about this party. What I got out of it was that it was at 7:00p.m. and so I said sure I would come. Well about 5:00p.m. I got showered and dressed nice for the party. It had been quiet that day and had not seen anyone setting up although they had dropped off tables and chairs that morning. 7:00p.m. rolled around and I went downstairs. Not a single person was around. So, I thought maybe it was the next night but didn't have anyone to ask at that time. The next morning, the 16th, when I got up there were a huge amount of cars in the driveway. When I came downstairs to leave for work that day one of the ladies came over. She told me she was the daughter of the old lady and that I was invited to a buffet for a few family and friends that evening. I told her that yes, I would come. The little old lady kept talking and making motions. I repeatedly nodded my head showing I would be there. That night I came downstairs at 7:00p.m. there were a few people there. I don't think the party had really started yet. The little old lady was dressed up very nicely. I sat outside with the daughter and a few other relatives. That is when I found out it was the little old lady's 90th birthday. I was really impressed. I was told that they were doing it a little before Chinese New Year so that people could come and then still go to their own places for Chinese New Year. There were tons of people that came. There were a few people that spoke English that I was able to talk to. Two of my housemates asked me what it was like trying Chinese food for the first time. I told them both that I eat Chinese food almost every day for lunch, which is true, and that I like Chinese food. I know that they think I don't eat it as I make sandwiches and bowls of vegetables or salads for my meals. But that is because we aren't allowed to cook here and I don't have a car to go and get food for every meal. I had a nice time and am glad that I was invited. I had one of the ladies that comes to the house several times a week tell the little old lady Happy Birthday, thanks for inviting me and that I hoped she lived for several more years.

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