Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Australia Days 8 & 9

Three Sisters from Echo Point
Yesterday we started off by getting a cab and going to the airport to pick up our rental car. After, getting that we drove from Sydney to Katoomba. We got there about 3p.m. and got checked in. Then we walked down to the Echo Point so we could look out and see the Three Sisters. I overheard a young boy saying that they didn't look like 3 sisters. One of them looks like a dinosaur. After that we walked to the Visitor information center and went down to the cultural center where we learned about the Aboriginal art. We were there for quite awhile. The owner invited us to come back the following day for performances.

The Everglades House

Next, we walked up passed Lilianfels and decided to eat there for dinner. We ate in their restaurant. Dad and I both had the steak. It was a great meal. After that everything was pretty much closed, so we went back to the motel for the evening. Today we got up and went back to the Cultural part of the visitor center. We talked to the guy more about art. We watched a short performance on the didgerdoo. Then we listened to a lecture given by some of the performers on their tools. After that we watched them do a few dances. Once that was over we decided to go for a drive and went to the Everglades Garden. It was this house with 13 acres of gardens. It was very impressive.

Banksia Tree
There was even a man made grotto. I thought Hef Was the only one with grotto. There were also these cool trees called banksia. It took us a couple hours to go through the place. Next, we went to the town of Leura and Leura mall which is actually like a main street with cool shops. We went to Josophan's Chocolate shop. I got Mayan Dark Chocolate with Chilli. It is very tasty. We also went to Lost Bear gallery. We saw this one shop and the display in the window was a dress made from fancy underwear. It was kind of a cool way to display it. After that we drove to Blue Mountains National Park and went to Jamison Lookout and then walked down Prince Trail so we could see the Wentworth Falls. They are very lengthy. We didn't go down to the falls as it was a couple hour hike and the sun was starting to go down and it was getting chilly. After that we drove around. There doesn't seem to be many places to eat here or maybe it is we don't know where to look. We went back to Lilianfels and ate in their lounge. I had roasted duck breast on a salad with walnuts, apples, and grapes. It was excellent. 

Top part of Wentworth Falls

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