Monday, November 28, 2011


In less than 20 days I am going to Australia. I have wanted to go since I was about 5 years old when the first Crocodile Dundee movie came out. It was one of those some day dreams that was never really going to happen. I figured when I was a little old lady too decrepited to do anything I was still going to be thinking that some day I wanted to go to Australia. Well, things don't always turn out like you except, they turn out much better. My Dad is coming to visit me for Christmas. My Mom is staying back home because my brother doesn't get enough time off work to come to the other side of the world and it wouldn't be nice to leave him with no family for Christmas. My Dad talked about Bail and not that I don't want to visit Bali, I do, kind of. I have wanted to visit Australia for longer. Who knows what is going to happen next year or ten years from now. It is better to go now while it is easily in reach. Plus, my Dad has wanted to go since he was in high school at least. So between the two of us we have wanted to go for a very long time. I talked to my Dad today. He and my Mom are visiting my brother for Thanksgiving and it was the first time since I moved over seas 16 months ago that I talked to all three of them together. It was nice, but in a way a little sad since I am not there. It has been almost a year since I saw my Mom since she came last Christmas to visit me in Malaysia and see where I had moved to, since it was a quick deal and not really any chance to check anything out before I moved here. I haven't seen my Dad in almost a year in a half. And my brother, well it has been at least 2 years since I last saw him. A long time for me, as I have always seen my parents at least every couple months. Most of the time I am not homesick and don't miss my family much. I just don't think about them because I know it would probably make me homsick. Plus, I am enjoying it overhere and know that even though I am missing some things if I wasn't over here there is so much I wouldn't ever get to do. It was a little hard though to believe when I was talking to my Dad that after waiting almost a year and a half I am going to see him. It is also hard to believe that I am really going to Australia. It is not a dream. So many incredible things have happened since I moved to Malaysia and espeically this fall that it is hard not to think that I am dreaming.
Well, now I have a little bit longer to wait and then I will be there and experiencing one of my long awaited dreams. Can't wait....

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