Sunday, May 22, 2011


I went to the Dentist a few weeks back to have my teeth cleaned and checked. I usually have this done every 6 months but it has taken some time to get adjusted and take care of things like that. According to other people this dentist is really good but really expensive. When I converted it back to US dollars I thought it was cheap compared to the US. They were backed up and called me that day to ask if I could come in later which was nice rather than sit there for an hour or so. I still had a little wait when I got there but that was fine. The dentist himself cleaned my teeth. This was a first for me because in the different places I have lived in the US and dental hygienist always cleans my teeth and the dentist just does a quick check up at the end. He did not try to visit with me as he was cleaning my teeth which was nice since it is always hard to visit when someone is working in your mouth. He did visit with me at the end though for probably 10-15 minutes before I left. When I lived in Wyoming the places I went always did the old scraper. When I lived in Idaho they used a laser. When I returned to Wyoming they still used the scraper. Here the dentist also used the laser. It seems like my teeth get cleaner and it last longer when they use the laser. I don't smoke or drink coffee and I seldom drink pop or tea, but I attract brown stains on my front teeth no matter what we have tried to stop that. Another thing that was different was instead of using the straw thing for water to rinse my mouth and then use the sucker to get rid of it (I always get water all over myself during this) I was given a glass of water each time instead and then raised up so I could spit it into a little sink beside my chair. So I did not get water all over myself using this strategy. However, while using the laser with the water an all my saliva I still got water on myself. Going to the dentist is just one of those things I always have to shower and change once I am done. There were some ladies that were assistants and handle the phone and paying and water, etc. but I didn't see any of them doing anything involving cleaning, etc. So, I wonder if he does it all himself. I would think that would mean less business but the guy is good and if he runs it like he wants I am not complaining. Anyway, overall I was happy with the experience and my teeth are clean and look good with no problems. That is what I like to hear.

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