Sunday, January 2, 2011

Snow and Cold Weather

Well, today is January 2, 2011. My Mom has been visiting for my holiday break and left this evening. She is going back to the land of snow and cold. I was thinking today that I can't really remember what cold is like. It is hot and humid here all the time and on top of that I feel like I am burning up all the time. My body is constantly radiating heat like a heater. After my Mom had been here for several days we could see that the pores on her arms had opened up and were very large. Mine have never done that. They are as small and closed as they were back home in the cold and dry climate. I am just learning better most days to tolerate feeling like I have a fever 24/7. Even when it is "cold and rainy" here I still feel hot, hot, hot. Even over this holiday break when I saw local people in jackets, long sleeve shirts and pants, I was still running around in shorts and short sleeve shirts.  My Mom was saying how she would rather have cold over hot because it is easier to add layers and heat up and one can only strip so far. I agree with her. I have always liked cold weather better. I like to curl up under fuzzy, soft blankets. I also like to bundle up in warm sweaters, scarves, hats, gloves, and jackets. I miss those things. Mom said that when she got back home that she would probably be wishing she was back in the hot weather. It seems like many people always want to be on the other side where they think the grass is greener. I don't necessarily wish to be back home because I am enjoying my time here, but I know when I return to the US someday I will be so glad for cold, dry weather. I will think fondly of my time here, but even when it is minus I won't be wishing for hot and humid weather.

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