Monday, September 20, 2010

Servants part 2

Hm. Interesting, very interesting. Well, my landlord is gone for the week to the capital KL (Kuala Lumpur). I thought he was just gone for yesterday, but I guess the whole week. Tonight I went down for dinner at my normal time between 8:00-8:30 p.m. I am not sure of all of the details but it seems there is a guy that stays here sometimes. The first week I moved in there was another guy that was here, but he hasn't been around lately. I think guy that I have seen in the last few days is here more regularly. Anyway in my last post I talked about how my landlord has it in the lease about not talking to the servants. Well, tonight when I was down for dinner they guy came in. He commented that I was eating dinner late. I just shrugged. He went upstairs for a few minutes and left his door open. (His room is at the top of the stairs to the right, while mine is on the left and the front corner.) After a few minutes he turned off his light and came back down. I wondered if he was going to come talk to me. He talked with the servant whose name I don't know. She then went back into their room and talk to the other servant. She came back out and was talking softly to him. I think because the grandma was awake. She disappeared into the back room because the grandma was calling. The other servant came out and was dressed in jogging capris and t-shirt. The guy had gone out on the door. She went out the door behind him. I thought he had driven his car up into the driveway. I heard the sound of the gate being opened and then vehicle doors, but I never heard the vehicle pull out or see the headlights come on. I was thinking I wonder if they have something going on, or is he just taking her out for a good time as friends, or are they having sex out their in the vehicle? My shoes were outside because I forgot to bring them in earlier. I went out to get them and the vehicle was gone.  They say that servants run away. I wonder if they are an item, and she will eventually run away. Although, if he stays here sometimes he may not have a house that he owns ( maybe he stays more often but I haven't been around enough to know).  I wonder if they sneak around when the landlord is home or if only when he is away. Hm. I will definitely have to keep eating dinner late so I can see what else I can learn. Too bad I don't understand Chinese.  I can now see why it could be a problem to have someone speak to the servants if they speak Chinese.

I won't say anything because I don't speak Chinese, and I don't know all of the circumstances or what is exactly going on. Plus, I think it might get me into trouble if I made accusations, and she or he respond to my landlord in Chinese, I would have no idea what they would be saying. Plus, I don't know that it is my place to. Servants usually don't get away from the home unless they walk somewhere and don't really get time off. He might just be showing them (maybe he rotates) a nice time out of the house doing something fun. Who knows. I will be interested to see how this develops.


  1. Well, it's as if you have your own little soap opera going on...I am anxious to read strange though and very interesting!
    I am watching Dancing with the Stars season premier tonight...I don't watch much TV, but like that show.
    We had some bad news today...Carol's husband was on him motorcycle and an accident...however, the good news is, he will be okay. He has a broken leg and don't know what else...haven't heard. This must have happened after work as Sasha called me during evening library. Also, Sasha's little guy, Duncan, is having surgery tomorrow to mend his broken arm...he was riding in a laundry basket down their stairs...yikes...Sasha and her hubby were on their way home from a weekend in Laramie when they were 15 min. out and got the call. Am hoping to hear from Carol yet tonight.
    Am anxious to hear how you got along with your haircut...

  2. I saw that on Facebook that he had had surgery and wondered what had happened. Scary. My Uncle had an accident on his motorcycle last Friday. It was the other guys fault. Luckily he had only some damage to his bike and some major bruises.
    Wow, so Duncan has to have surgery instead of just a cast. That must be some break. I can see him riding a laundry basket down the stairs.
    My hair is doing great. It is actually curlier now that it a little shorter. But still long enough to pull up the sides and top when I get really hot.
    Think I got a little overheated yesterday. I didn't feel good last night. Was hot, dizzy, and slightly nauseous and had a headache. I felt much better this morning and today. People here keep telling me I should get a bike so I could go more places. Yet, none of them ride bikes anywhere, and they must forget that I haven't been here long. I don't think I am completely acclimated yet. I think I could ride it in the morning to school, but it is way too hot when school gets out to ride it home. Then it would be left at school.